Sarah Yoon ’20, #30under30

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Sarah Yoon ’20

Financial Analyst
Goldman Sachs
Wheaton Major in Communications, Rhetoric & Culture
Currently lives in Chicago, IL

"My goal is to be a vessel for the Lord's will and work, so I give Him all the glory and praise for His faithfulness."

The liberal arts education Sarah Yoon ’20 received at Wheaton College helped her seamlessly step into a career amid a global pandemic and economic downturn.

Yoon—who also served as Wheaton College’s Senior Class President and graduated in May—began working as a financial analyst with Goldman Sachs in June.

When Yoon was first considering colleges, she visited Wheaton and met with Communication Dean Dr. Ken Chase, who spoke with her about her passions, motivations, and skill sets. At the time, she didn’t know what sort of career she wanted to pursue, but that conversation prompted her to pick a Communication major.

Once she started taking sociology and communication-rhetoric courses, Yoon was increasingly drawn to understanding the power dynamics within the field of finance.

“My desire was to delve into the interactions and dynamics that occur between people and there was a somewhat natural draw toward finance, which is one means of connection and communication between people,” she says.

While unsure if a Communications major and liberal arts background would transition well into the technical environment of finance, her mindset changed after exposure to different Wheaton alumni and school resources.

After taking advantage of the Center for Vocation and Career resources, including its career coaches and resume-building tools, and traveling with the Student Alumni Board to San Francisco, where she met with young alumni professionals, she was able to see an avenue to a career in finance.

In fall 2019, her Christian liberal arts path culminated in realizing her career goals when, after a months-long process of applying and interviewing, Yoon was offered a job starting summer 2020 at Goldman Sachs.

“I am so thankful and blessed for how the Lord orchestrated these circumstances,” she says. “My goal is to be a vessel for the Lord's will and work, so I give Him all the glory and praise for His faithfulness.”

Now just a few weeks into her new role, she says that she is excited about the challenge this new job poses.

“I am eager to grow in my technical finance skills while remembering how much my Wheaton College experience prepared me for the professional and relational environment of the workforce.”—Emily Bratcher

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