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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Here at Wheaton College, we believe that spiritual formation is foundational to the student experience. Wheaton has a legacy of faculty, coaches, residence life leaders, chaplains, and staff who exemplify spiritual journeys grounded in the truth and grace of the gospel. This is integral to our Christ-centered liberal arts education and our evangelical witness. The Chaplain’s Office is a central part of this formation and champions life with God together through small groups, corporate worship, and other types of spiritual care.

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The Wheaton College Office of the Chaplain exists to cultivate an environment in which faculty, staff, and students learn to love Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.


Our vision is to serve Jesus Christ and advance His Kingdom through excellence in worship arts and discipleship ministries.


Life With God Together

We Love God because He first loved us.We Love the Church because we are the body of Christ.We Love the World because Christ died for all.
We listen to God's Word because He is speaking.
We pray to God with praise and lament, repentance and petition because He hears and responds.
We give generously and gratefully because God provides for all our needs.
We worship the Triune God because He is worthy.
We work to God's glory and serve our neighbor's good because Christ is building his kingdom.
We participate in rhythms of rest and renewal because God has rested and will renew all things.
We proclaim the gospel because Jesus saves.
We practice hospitatality because God has welcomed us into His family.
We do justice and love mercy because God created all people everywhere in His image.

Life with God Together (LWGT)

Life with God Together is a spiritual formation initiative that endeavors to inspire students, faculty, and staff to grow a spiritually vibrant, Christ-like evangelical witness. This framework, championed by the Chaplain's Office, is designed to invite the entire Wheaton community into a shared rule of life, creating space for us to be formed in our love for God, love for the Church, and love for the world through the nine spiritual disciplines found in the diagram above.