Technology @ Wheaton

Technology should be an enabler.

It should be designed to support the endeavors of the institution – whether that be teaching or learning, research, business functions, or supporting students in their residential experience. 

We want to accomplish the work of Wheaton College through the enabling use of technology in a way that is transparent and easy, and that makes sense to our community.

Within this part of the Wheaton College website we hope that you will find the information to support what you're hoping to do while you're here.

Vision, Leadership, and Innovation.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer provides vision, leadership, and innovation in developing College-wide strategies for leveraging technology to advance Wheaton College’s academic and institutional mission.

The CIO works in partnership with divisions, departments, students, and administrative units, and also is directly responsible for:

  • Supporting the Technology governance committees in setting campus-wide priorities for technology services, resources, facilities, and campus technology expenditures in support of Wheaton College’s core mission; exemplifying good stewardship;
  • Selecting and supporting all administrative and academic information technology system operations;
  • Establishing technology standards and policy while pursuing compliance;
  • Integrating technology planning with campus strategic planning;
  • Fostering the development and use of technology in support of the college’s vision for excellence in Christian liberal arts education, research, outreach, and lifelong learning;
  • Encouraging technical innovation and the development of a robust and dependable technology infrastructure;
  • Directing the operations of Academic and Institutional Technology, the campus central technology resource group;
  • Representing the college through key affiliations including, CLAC and EDUCAUSE.

Wheaton College Technology Plan 2021-2023

Technology Services on Campus

The primary technology group on campus. Go here first for support and information.