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HoneyRock, the Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College, exists to build the church and benefit society worldwide by fostering the development of whole and effective people through transformational outdoor experiences.

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HoneyRock Fellowship Program

One year of purposeful vocational discernment, spiritual formation, and leadership development for college graduates and emerging professionals at The HoneyRock Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College.

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Vanguard Gap Year Webinar

Do you know a student who's facing the "what happens after high school" dilemma or a parent who's helping navigate the conversation? Check out our virtual information events for Vanguard, the Gap Year of Wheaton College.

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Summer Camp at HoneyRock

Registration for Summer Camp 2024 at HoneyRock is open!

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Incredible community, meaningful work, beautiful place. The Northwoods of Wisconsin sets a beautiful stage for living in a Christ-centered community and enjoying transformational learning. If you work at HoneyRock, you have a heart for others and a mind toward Christ.

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Cabin Rentals and Retreats at HoneyRock

Your year-round Northwoods getaway is right here at HoneyRock! Enjoy a slower pace of life while immersing yourself in the beauty and adventure that can be found in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Book your cabin today.

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Rebecca Grad

Sharing our New Storytelling Platform: Explore HoneyRock

HoneyRock is full of incredible stories. Stories that reflect how God has worked in and through this place and people who gather in it. Stories that will make you laugh, spark new thoughts, and inspire you into new adventures. This is a space that honors stories and shows off the beauty of God's creation.

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"HoneyRock is a beacon of excellence."
— Mark Heasman, Former Chief Executive of Christian Camping International (CCI)
acres set apart for leadership development and ministry training
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leadership progression for youth and young adults
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HoneyRock is a non-profit organization and is responsible to meet all of its budgetary and capital needs outside of the Wheaton budget. Donors to HoneyRock contribute significantly to keep HoneyRock healthy and on mission.

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Stories from HoneyRock

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Check out the most recent stories from HoneyRock. Subscribe to our Explore Story page and stay up to date on all things HoneyRock! No spam, no hassle, just stories about life at HoneyRock. 

mark patterson driving horses

Mark Patterson's Legacy of Discipleship Through Horses

Mark Patterson, who ran the horsemanship program at HoneyRock from 1985 to 2006, did much more than teach people to ride. He taught them about God. Continue reading... 


Wheaton College IL HoneyRock Vanguard Gap Year Student Elliot Chan

Elliot Chan Explores Vocation and Work during his Vanguard Gap Year

Wheaton Magazine recently interviewed Elliot Chan, Vanguard '24. Elliot's reflections provide insight into the vocational exploration and formative opportunities within Vanguard Gap Year. Read Elliot's story here.

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chrouser in the winter
Read the Northern Light from HoneyRock

The Northern Light is a quarterly newsletter written by our staff and faculty to share what's happening at HoneyRock. From program updates to photos to alumni features, this is the place to get a look into what happens behind the scenes at HoneyRock.