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Giving to HoneyRock

HoneyRock is a non-profit organization and is responsible to meet all of its budgetary and capital needs outside of the Wheaton budget. Donors to HoneyRock contribute hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year to keep HoneyRock growing, serving and beautiful.

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Would you prayerfully consider supporting HoneyRock’s on-going mission of providing a high-quality education with hands-on practice and service for Christ’s church? As a HoneyRock Partner, you would commit to Pray, Promote, and Provide. We would ask you to pray regularly for HoneyRock, its staff, and its programs. We would ask you to promote our programs in your church, school, and the local community. And finally, we would ask you to provide a minimum annual gift of $300 ($25/month) and donate goods, services, time, and expertise as opportunities and needs arise.

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Ways to Give to HoneyRock

  1. HoneyRock Partners: Partners have an opportunity of ensuring that hundreds of people continue to experience HoneyRock each year by committing to pray, promote and provide for HoneyRock on a continuing basis.
  2. Volunteer: Share your gifts of time and talent with us. Each year over 400 volunteers complete projects our small staff of 20 people could not complete on their own. Volunteers come in big groups and handle enormous projects like raking leaves, splitting firewood, washing dishes, or getting camp ready for the summer. They also come as individuals and provide specialized skills that save us thousands of dollars per year including electrical, plumbing, painting, computer or construction assistance.
  3. Special Needs/Gifts in Kind: These are special projects that need an outside boost to get accomplished. These often fall outside of the regular budget because they are so expensive or because of an unexpected breakdown or wearing out. These projects range from $100 to $15,000 or more.  These are often fun donations for families or individuals because they make a major one time impact. This includes: reupholstering the ski boats, buying enough climbing rope for a year, purchasing a tent, providing the materials needed for a roof, etc. 
  4. Major Capital Projects: On occasion and as part of a strategic plan, HoneyRock will pursue a major capital project over a short period of time. Recent projects include 20 new cabins (completed in 2011), a new bathhouse for residential campers (completed in 2012) and a new chapel which includes a worship space, a prayer room, and two smart classrooms (completed in 2013). Our current projects are a new health center and group housing renovations which will be dedicated at our upcoming Partners' Weekend.
  5. Scholarships and Endowments: Each year HoneyRock provides scholarships to approximately 30% of its campers and 50% of the students in our leadership programs. Generous friends send gifts specifically for this purpose and others have established endowments through estate planning or major gifts. These gifts directly change lives.
  6. How to Give: Donors may give online or by contacting HoneyRock for further information.