Student Wellness

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Wholistic Wellness

It's imperative for student success. Get to know the services that are available to help you live your healthiest life at Wheaton College.

Student Wellness exists to provide proactive and responsive care for all students to thrive physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and intellectually now and in the future.

Providing a safe place for students from all backgrounds to receive compassionate, competent, confidential, and wholistic psychological services.

We understand that Wheaton students come from many backgrounds and have diverse health care needs. We will both treat you and teach you how to find your best potential health so you can focus on your education. 

Providing proactive and responsive care for all students to thrive holistically. We desire for each individual as well as the community to flourish by offering relevant resources and support to meet their needs. 

We can help you enhance and enrich the way you learn and approach classes and also offer resources and support if you have a learning, physical, or mental health need that impacts academics or campus life.

We are here to provide holistic support for all graduate students, fostering a diverse and vibrant community of learners united in Jesus Christ.

The Office of the Chaplain exists to cultivate an environment in which students, faculty, and staff learn to love Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Wheaton is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all members of the community. An important part of this commitment is the provision of comprehensive sexual assault response and prevention resources.


For students navigating same-sex sexuality and/or gender identity.


Dr. Toussaint Whetstone, Ph.D.Toussaint Whetstone, Ph.D.

Dean of Student Wellness

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