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The purpose for the Center for Faith and Innovation is to develop Christian marketplace leaders through theology and liberal arts research to create innovative solutions for business.




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"The effect these businesses will have on the lives of people all over the world - we've got to inform that with a vision and an ethic and a theology that goes beyond Bible study and prayer meeting at work." - Jeff Wright, Urban Ministries, Inc.

Sponsor a Project with the CFI iLab

Every business has a running list of problems and opportunities they’d like to get around to. The CFI iLab addresses these lists by identifying opportunities, producing resources, and solving problems on behalf of partners. A research and development hub, CFI iLab brings together specialized skills, project management savvy, cutting-edge tools, and passionate student teams to take on projects for our partners.

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Explore the CFI journey, review the charter members, and see  CFI's impact metrics from it's launch year.


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Meet the Team

Hannah Stolze Headshot

Hannah Stolze

Executive Director

Denise Daniels Headshot

Denise Daniels

Director of Executive and Entrepreneurial Engagement

Paul Lee Headshot

Paul Lee

Director of Research Engagement

Ana Rivera-Munoz Headshot

Ana Rivera-Munoz

Project Coordinator

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