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When You're Looking for Better Answers . . .

Ask Bigger Questions

Asking bigger questions requires us to trust in a God who holds all the answers. Fear not.
Ask questions. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. At Wheaton, bigger questions are always welcome.
And so are you.

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Who is God Calling You To Become?

What We Look for in Future Wheaties

We review applications holistically. We consider your previous academic performance, evidence of consistent effort and ambition, character, leadership experiences, contributions to your community, maturity, and faith journey.

Our admission team is here to learn about you and your goals. We want you to thrive in our community and discover ways to use your God-given abilities to make the world a better place.


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What's It Like to Apply to College?

Understanding the College Application Process

Wheaton sophomore Lucy Brown shares her experience, what she learned through the college application process, and how she decided to come to Wheaton

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What's it like to be a Wheaton Student?

Visit Campus

Join us for a personalized visit experience! Whether that’s traveling to our beautiful campus nestled in the suburbs of Chicago, or meeting virtually from your couch, we are confident that experiencing Wheaton for yourself is an important next step. Experience Wheaton's Christ-centered community, rigorous academic programs, and outstanding commitment to career and life preparation. We look forward to hosting you!

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How to Apply

Find out more about our application process, what you will need, and what you can expect.

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Scholarships, Grants, and Other Types of Financial Aid

Scholarships. Grants. Loans. Work study. You’ve heard these terms and know they can help you finance your college education, but you may not know how they work or how they differ from one another. Read on to better understand these types of financial aid and how each can help you afford your Wheaton College experience.

Learn More About Types of Aid Available to You

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We’re thrilled you’re interested in applying to Wheaton’s College of Arts and Sciences as a first-year applicant. Start your application now, or share more about yourself with us so we can send you information tailored to your particular interests. 

We Love to Connect with Future Wheaties

We’re here to answer questions, provide tips and advice, and support you along your road to joining our Wheaton community.