How to Apply to the Conservatory of Music

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Tune into Your Purpose

We’re thrilled you’re interested in applying to Wheaton’s Conservatory of Music as a first-year applicant. If you have any questions, please contact the admissions office. We’re always here to help. On this page, you’ll learn about how to apply as a first-year student, the timeline for applications and admissions decisions, and the high school requirements for first-year Wheaton applicants.

Complete Your Application Through the Wheaton App or Common App

The content of your application will be the same regardless of which platform you choose. Once you begin your application, you’ll be assigned an admissions counselor to help you through the application process. Feel free to also contact the Music Recruitment Manager with questions about the Conservatory application process, music degrees, music opportunities, free trial lessons, or auditions.

Application deadlines are:

  • October 15th for Early Action I
  • November 15th for Early Action II
  • January 15th for Regular Decision I
  • February 15th for Regular Decision II

Apply with the Wheaton App

Apply with the Common App

Schedule an Audition

Auditions are required for admission to the Conservatory of Music and are used for scholarship consideration. In-person auditions are preferred, but students may submit recorded auditions. More information about auditions can be found on our Auditions FAQs.

Auditions deadlines are:

  • November 7th for Early Action I
  • December 7th for Early Action II
  • February 1st for Regular Decision I
  • March 1st for Regular Decision II

Submit Supplemental Materials

Write and submit your essays.

Request transcripts.

  • We accept official transcripts electronically through an official transcript service, or by mail. Transcripts should include grades earned, class rank (if available), and GPA.
  • Mailed transcripts should be sent to:

    Wheaton College Undergraduate Admissions
    501 College Avenue
    Wheaton, IL 60187

Request recommendation letters.

  • An academic recommendation from one of your core academic teachers—English, science, social science, math, or foreign language. 
  • A Christian Mentor recommendation letter from a pastor, youth leader, or Christian mentor (non-family members). This requirement can also be satisfied by a phone or video interview with an admissions counselor.
  • Choose recommenders who know you well, and make your request early in your senior year to allow them time to write about you thoughtfully.
  • You can send an online recommendation form by email to your recommenders through the online application. From the "My Account" page, click on "Submit Supplemental Items" in the application checklist and follow the instructions.

Submit a Repertoire List

Submit a Composition Portfolio, if applicable.

  • Composition applicants should submit three to four original compositions (no arrangements), preferably with recordings. Scores submitted electronically must be in .pdf or .mus format. Recordings submitted electronically must be in .mp3 format. Compositions will be evaluated based on originality, musical interest, quality of writing, and accuracy of notation.
  • Composition Portfolios are due one week prior to your scheduled audition on campus.
  • Submit your portfolio through the Application Portal, Upload feature, under the Conservatory tab.

Schedule an Interview (Comp & BME applicants)

  • An interview with faculty is required for Composition and Music Ed applicants. The Music Recruitment Manager will facilitate this process.  
  • Every effort will be made to schedule your interview on the same day as your in-person audition or to set a virtual appointment within ten days of the receipt of your Composition Portfolio or recorded audition. 

Optional Supplemental Materials:

  • The optional High School Report (PDF) should be completed by the high school guidance office, and submitted with your official transcript and school profile. Regular Action applicants should send a 7th-semester grade report or transcript. 
  • Standardized test scores are not required (with the exception of homeschooled applicants, who are required to submit standardized test scores). If you would like a test score considered for admission, indicate this on your application. Submit SAT, ACT, or CLT (Classical Learning Test) test scores directly from the testing company, or include them in your high school transcript.

Deadlines for submitting supplemental materials are:

  • October 22nd for Early Action I
  • November 22nd for Early Action II
  • November 7th: Audition Due
  • January 22nd for Regular Decision I
  • February 22nd for Regular Decision II

Apply for Financial Aid

All applicants are considered for academic merit scholarships. Consult Cost & Aid for instructions on how to apply for need-based financial aid. Direct your questions to the Student Financial Services Office at 800.222.2419 or contact them via email. 

All applicants to the Conservatory of Music degree programs (B.Mus. & B.Mus.Ed.) are considered for merit awards. Auditions used for acceptance to the Conservatory are also used for award consideration. About 40% of music majors receive awards, and recipients are notified of their offer of admission. Awards are granted based on outstanding musical and academic achievement, and leadership potential in the Conservatory. Awards may be combined, and actual amounts range from $8000 to $30,000 over four years. 

The majority of the financial aid at Wheaton is need-based. Parents should fill out the FAFSA form and the Wheaton College institutional aid application. For more information, visit the Student Financial Services website or contact them at 630.752.5700. 

Conservatory recommended deadlines for financial aid are:

  • November 15th for Early Action and Spring Entry
  • January 15th for Regular Decision

Application Timeline

Early Action I

  • October 15th: Application Due
  • October 22nd: Supplemental Materials Due
  • November 7th: Audition Due
  • December 1st: Decision Notification
  • May 1st: Response Due

Early Action II

  • November 15th: Application Due
  • November 22nd: Supplemental Materials Due
  • December 7th: Audition Due
  • January 1st: Decision Notification
  • May 1st: Response Due

Regular Decision I

  • January 15th: Application Due
  • January 22nd: Supplemental Materials Due
  • February 1st: Audition Due
  • March 1st: Decision Notification
  • May 1st: Response Due

Regular Decision II

  • February 15th: Application Due
  • February 22nd: Supplemental Materials Due
  • March 1st: Audition Due
  • April 1st: Decision Notification
  • May 1st: Response Due

High School Requirements

Wheaton looks for applicants who have followed a challenging college preparatory curriculum. Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses are encouraged, if available. 

  • Applicants are expected to complete a minimum of 18 units in high school. A unit is one full year of a subject. Only courses taken in grades 9-12 are counted. Applicants should complete at least 14 units by the end of their junior year.
  • Of the 18 units, 15 must be in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign language. The remaining three may be in academic subjects such as accounting, art history/survey/appreciation, Bible or religion, child development, communications, computer science, consumer education, drama, ESL, family living, journalism, marketing, or music history, theory, and appreciation.
  • Applicants should complete at least two years in one foreign language.
  • Courses such as physical education, choir, band, driver’s education, or vocational courses do not count toward the 18 units. Only one unit of computer science may be counted toward the 18 units.
  • Students in accelerated programs who complete both the requirements for a diploma and Wheaton’s entrance requirements in three years may be considered for admission. They must demonstrate exceptional academic ability as well as maturity sufficient to perform at the college level.

If you have further questions about applying to the Conservatory of Music, contact us, or see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


Do you have other questions or need clarification on a finer point in the application process? Want to talk with someone? We'd love to hear from you.