Graduate Student Life

The Office of Graduate Student Life exists to advance the mission and vision of the Wheaton College Graduate School by providing holistic support for all graduate students and by fostering a diverse and vibrant community of learners centered on unity in Jesus Christ.


Graduate Student Orientation

Christ-Centered Diversity Statement

Wheaton College seeks to live out the deep truth of the Scriptures for all aspects of life, including the area of diversity. We do this not simply to be "current" or simply in response to cultural trends. We have given much thought and taken great care to clearly articulate our beliefs based on biblical truth and teaching and are committed to living it out in our community. Please take the time to read and understand our position on this very important matter.

Campus Life

Our desire is for you to find community centered on authentic and meaningful relationships at Wheaton Grad School. Grad Life hosts events throughout the year that encourage social and intellectual engagement and facilitate connections beyond your program of study. While here, you can also invest in community by participating in Graduate Student Clubs and Organizations or serving on the Grad Student Council.

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International Students

We work to support all of our international graduate students and their families from orientation to graduation! Come to Grad Life for F-1 immigration services and guidance throughout your course of study. We also welcome you to our various informational sessions and social activities each school year to help you thrive during your time at Wheaton.

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Students of Color

We seek to support graduate student of colors by hosting events that create space for strengthening a sense of belonging within the graduate community. We seek to foster an environment that upholds the dignity of individuals and groups across diverse cultural contexts with the goal of becoming a place where together we most fully reflect the image of Christ and His kingdom. 

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Servant Leadership

Practice the integration of Christian thought and action by participating in our servant leadership opportunities! Grad Life partners with the academic programs to promote international and local opportunities designed to globalize the Wheaton experience and further prepare individuals to lead and thrive vocationally as the servant leaders we are called to be.

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Grad Chaplain

The Grad Chaplain Office provides opportunities for worship, prayer, and fellowship, as well as retreats and small group sharing that help create a sense of community and belonging. The once-a-week Wednesday Grad Chapel is the focal point of our spiritual life together.

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Resource Guide

Check out our Resource Guide for a variety of resources to help you thrive as a grad student. Whether you want to explore nature trails, find a local church, or get practical advice on moving to Wheaton, we will help you take advantage of all the Wheaton area has to offer!

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Meet the Grad Life Staff

Our team of staff and student employees are here to support you in your time at Wheaton. Find our contact information in the link below or stop by the Grad Life Office in Billy Graham Hall 224!