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Graduate Student Life

Building Community in the Graduate School

At Wheaton College Graduate School, you are not only a student. You are also part of a vibrant, active community. From housing and dining to spiritual life and student care, we provide a supportive atmosphere in which to learn how to relate the eternal truths of God to a complex and changing world.

Wheaton College Graduate School is committed to providing an excellent educational experience both inside and outside the classroom. A great learning environment involves more than just your time in class. Housing & dining, spiritual life, employment, social life and resources for living well are all important components to your success while pursuing graduate studies at Wheaton.

Graduate Student Life Staff

Mary Yeboah, Ph.D.

 Assistant Director

B.A., Judson University, 2004
M.A., Northern Illinois University, 2010
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2018

As the Assistant Director of Graduate Student Life, Mary enjoys partnering with graduate faculty and staff to provide an enriching educational experience for students in and out of the classroom. She is passionate about promoting diversity and community within the Graduate School. Her professional career includes K-12 teaching and school leadership among culturally and linguistically diverse student populations in the US and abroad. Prior to her role at Wheaton, Mary lived and worked in Ghana where she was involved with community library initiatives. Her interest in organizational leadership lead her to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Policy Development. Mary lives in Wheaton with her husband and four children. Her research interests include race relations in education and organizational learning. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing pick-up basketball.