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Graduate School Chapel

Grad Chapel provides the only opportunity for the whole grad school community, regardless of program or department, to gather together for worship and fellowship.

This time of worship and fellowship allows time for spiritual refreshment and encouragement in the middle of the week. All students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome. Weekly programming is overseen by the Graduate School Chaplain and the Dean of the Graduate School.

From time to time, you may also be interested in visiting the undergraduate chapel services in Edman Chapel at 10:40 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Feel free to find an empty seat following the opening chimes. If interested, please reference the undergraduate chapel schedule.

In non-COVID times, all Grad Chapel services take place on Wednesdays, 10:40-11:25 am in Barrows Auditorium, main level of the Billy Graham Hall. All students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome.

Due to COVID, the spring semester 2021 Grad Chapel services are occurring virtually every Wednesday from 10:40-11:20 am by livestream which can be viewed here.

Archived Grad Chapel services can be viewed online at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9GwT4_YRZdBbgeeuftfGvX4MOy-HhH9T.

Grad School Chapel Schedule

January - April 2021


January 20 Acts 1:1-13
Our Family Business
Dr. Philip Ryken
January 27 Dr. Kellen Smith
Pastor of First Presbyterian Church


February 3 Minority Voices in a Minority Culture
Ray Chang, Mary Yeboah, and Patty Ramirez
February 10 Dr. Scott Moreau
Dean of the Graduate School
February 17 Donté Ford
Assistant Professor of Music & Associate Chaplain for Worship Arts
February 24 Dr. Jerry Root
Professor of Evangelism and Director of the Evangelism Initiative


March 3 Acts 5:27-41
Our Ultimate Allegiance
HNGR Interns
March 10 Life Together Groups
March 17 Psalm 18:25-36: A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Who is God Besides the Lord?"
Blake Chaput '22
Student Chaplain for Hospitality
March 24 Acts 6:1-7
Our Diversity Challenges
Dr. Nathan Cartagena
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
March 31 Life Together Groups
March 12  
March 15 Acts 8:26-40
"Who is in God's Family"
Dr. Esau McCaulley
Assistant Professor of New Testament
March 17 Life Together Groups
March 19 Psalm 117:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Praise the Lord, All You Nations"
Julius Hagan, MA 2020
March 22 Acts 9:1-19
"Our Enemies Become Family"
Dr. Rochelle Scheuermann
Associate Professor of Evangelism &
Leadership; Director of MA Programs in
Evangelism & Leadership, Missional Church
Movements, Ministry Leadership, & Global
March 24 Life Together Groups
March 26 Psalm 133:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"How Good and Pleasant it is when
God's People Live Together in Unity"
Esther Kim, '21
Discipleship Ministries
Family Groups Member Coordinator
March 29 Acts 10:30-43
Our Good News
Holy Week
Dr. Richard Schultz
Blanchard Professor of Old Testament
March 31 Life Together Groups


April 7 Acts 11:19-26; 13:1-3
Our Gifts of the Word and the Spirit
Dr. Gregory Lee, Associate Professor
Theology &  Urban Studies; Senior Fellow,
The Wheaton Center for Early Christian
April 14 Life Together Groups
April 21 Psalm 40:1-5:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Many, Lord my God, are the Wonders
You have Done"
Theology Conference
Dr. Jeffrey Barbeau, Professor of Theology
April 28 Acts 16:6-15
Our Divine Guidance
Ray Chang, Chaplain's Office
Ministry Associate for Discipleship

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