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Graduate Admissions FAQs

We welcome your interest in the Graduate School and hope that we can answer many of your questions. However, if a topic is not covered, do contact us.

Wheaton’s mission statement expresses the stable and enduring identity of the College - our reason for existence and our role in society and the church. All the purposes, goals, and activities of the College are guided by this mission. Wheaton College serves Jesus Christ and advances His Kingdom through excellence in liberal arts and graduate programs that educate the whole person to build the church and benefit society worldwide. This mission expresses our commitment to do all things "For Christ and His Kingdom." Students must be able to affirm this mission and our community covenant. We also encourage students to review the statement of faith which all Wheaton staff and faculty affirm, in order to understand the Christian heritage which serves as the foundation for our community. If you are not a Christian, Wheaton would not be the best choice of colleges for you as the goal and mission of the school is to prepare students to serve in the name of Jesus Christ.

All Wheaton faculty and staff must affirm Wheaton's Statement of Faith. This document outlines the core theological beliefs affirmed by the Wheaton College community.


All incoming students must agree to participate fully in Wheaton's Community Covenant. This document establishes the basic biblical standards for godly Christian character and behavior in order to establish a campus atmosphere that encourages healthy spiritual, moral and intellectual growth.”

Please see Application Deadlines.

Yes. The entrance exam that you need to take will depend on the graduate program for which you wish to be considered. Please see Entrance Exams.

Financial aid for graduate students is available in the form of the Wheaton Grant, the Billy Graham Center Scholarship, other awards and Stafford loans. Most scholarships are based on merit. Stafford Loans require you to submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The Wheaton College Graduate School FAFSA code is 001781.

Yes, graduate students have the option of living on-campus or off campus. On campus, there are a limited number of one-bedroom apartments and houses. Priority is given to international students and Colson Scholar families. A list of off campus housing opportunities is available as well to help you in the search for area housing.

Yes, a limited number of assistantships are available in each graduate academic department. Some duties include clerical work, test grading, and classroom or research assistance. Pay is on an hourly basis up to ten hours per week and second semester students are given preference. Submit an application directly to your academic department.

The Residence Life Department also offers two types of graduate assistantships. Benefits include one free course per semester. For full details, visit Graduate Assistantships.

The department chair for your program and the Registrar's Office will make the official determination after you have enrolled of what credit can transfer. At least 75% of the total hours required for your Wheaton College Graduate School program must be taken from Wheaton. Courses cannot be transferred if they have a grade lower than B-, were used toward an earned graduate degree, or were taken eight or more years before enrollment at Wheaton. Students must complete their last semester of study at Wheaton.

You can defer enrollment for up to an entire academic year for any program except Clinical Psychology or Biblical Exegesis. Just check the box for deferment on the Enrollment Confirmation Form you received with your admission letter. If you have already confirmed and need to change your status, please contact the the Graduate Admissions office at graduate.admissions@wheaton.edu or 800.888.0141. When you decide on an enrollment date, you must send us the Resubmit Application in order to re-open your application.

Please visit International Admissions. TOEFL scores are required if your degree is from a non-U.S. college and you are not a citizen of Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, or the British West Indies.

Wheaton College Graduate School does not offer an M.Div. But some students who pursue a master's of divinity after studying at Wheaton can transfer credit into the M.Div. or demonstrate fulfillment of some of its competency requirements.

If you are not working toward a degree or have missed the degree-application deadline, you can submit one of the Special Student applications. Special students can apply up to twelve credit hours toward a degree program. The Graduate School is not obligated in any way to accept a special student for degree status.