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Graduate Assistantships

Wheaton College Graduate School GRAsGraduate Assistantships are a great way to earn some extra income during graduate school, and gain valuable experience working with staff and students.



There are currently three different opportunities that can help finance your education while providing you with practical ministry experience:

Graduate Resident Advisers (GRA) are part-time 2-year professional positions that work for 10 months, typically 20 hours per week (hours fluctuate depending on the seasons and situations within Residence Life). GRAs assist in mentoring students, team building, student care, and facility management.  There are two types of GRA positions available:

Graduate Resident Advisers - Residence Halls

These GRAs live and serve in one of our three residence halls. They are part of a four member leadership team (Resident Director, 1st year GRA, 2nd year GRA and ARD- a senior and former RA) who helps to mentor and disciple a staff of 11/12 Resident Assistants and together develop and implement programming for the undergraduate students in their residence hall.

The GRA - Residence Halls position openings for the 2018-2019 school year are:

  • Fischer – Freshmen and Sophomore residence hall
  • Smith-Traber – Freshmen and Sophomore residence hall
  • MacManis-Evans – Sophomore and Upper class residence hall

Graduate Resident Advisers – Apartment

These GRAs live and serve in one of our six campus apartments with roughly 120 students in their area and collaborate with a Residence Director and five other apartment GRAs for programming and area coverage (approx. 10 hours per week). In addition, these GRAs work within another division of Student Development (approx. 10 hours per week). These positions provide engagement and experience across a broad spectrum of Student Development departments.

The GRA - Apartment/office position openings for the 2018-2019 school year are:

  • Office of Multicultural Development
    Works within the Office of Multicultural Development to provide leadership for  our race and reconciliation living-learning communities as well as our minority student scholarship recipients.
  • Student Activities Office
    Works within the Student Activities office and oversees the Orientation Committee as they welcome new and transfer students to Wheaton College.

Compensation and Benefits

GRA candidates are considered for merit based scholarships. However, please note that hired GRAs' merit scholarships may be reduced when coordinated with the staff tuition benefit. Graduate Resident Advisers receive:

  • up to four free course hours per semester (summer semesters included)
  • free housing (a one or two bedroom furnished apartment) including cable and wifi
  • furnished office space including computer (if needed)
  • a taxable yearly stipend of approx. $9,000
  • approx. $1,300 in meals at the campus dining hall

The professional development gained in these positions lend themselves to careers in Student Development, Higher Education and Youth, College and Young Adult ministries. This experiential education provides hands on training and practical experience in:

College Student Development: 


- Discipleship

- Group Formation/Team Dynamics

- Identity Formation

- Programming and Evaluation

- Relational Formation

- Hiring and Administration

- Appreciation for Diversity

- Budgeting and Finance

- Intellectual Development

- Student Care and Counseling

- Community Responsibility

- Conflict and Mediation

Myers-Briggs / Strength Finders / Communication Styles

Intercultural Development and Conflict Style Inventories


GRAs begin work in the middle of July and end the last week in May (specific dates may vary due to the college calendar). GRAs are on-duty one weekend a month and are free to travel off-campus one full weekend four times per semester. GRAs do not work the two and a half weeks between semesters and the week of Spring Break.

How to Apply

Please see below for application process information. Visit Human Resources under "Residence Life" to view job descriptions and apply. Positions for the upcoming academic year are posted in early December of the current school year, applications are reviewed beginning at the end of January, and interviews typically begin on campus in March. (Note that applications will continue to be reviewed until all positions are filled, which usually occurs by May.)  

Graduate Student Assistants (GSA) are part-time, one to two year professional positions that work alongside various departments within Wheaton College. GSA positions provide graduate students the opportunity to both earn an income and gain career experience specific to the field in which they work. Currently we have one position available:

  • International Student Programs Office

How to Apply

Please see below for application process information. Visit Human Resources under "Residence Life" to view job descriptions and apply. Positions for the upcoming academic year are posted in early December of the current school year, applications are reviewed beginning at the end of January, and interviews typically begin on campus in March. (Note that applications will continue to be reviewed until all positions are filled, which usually occurs by May.) 

Interested applicants are required to complete the employment application for one position and the supplemental questions found here.  Applicants will be given an opportunity to rank their position preferences in the supplemental questions. First consideration will be given to those applying to the M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development, and those who will have at least one year between completion of undergraduate and start of graduate studies. More information about the positions can be found here under "Residence Life."


  • GRAs must be enrolled in 8 or less hours.
  • GSAs must be enrolled as full time students.
  • Those applying to the M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development will be given priority.
  • Students applying for the counseling, psychology, and teaching degrees are not eligible for the GRA/GSA positions.


  • Assistantship application and Graduate School application must be submitted concurrently.
  • To apply you must complete Wheaton's employment application and supplemental questions, which should be emailed to hr@wheaton.edu.
  • Telephone interviews will be scheduled during February with selected candidates.
  • Campus interviews will be scheduled for March and April.
  • GRA Applications are due Feb. 1st and will be accepted until all positions are filled.
  • GSA Applications are due March 1st.
  • Contract offers are conditional, pending acceptance into a graduate degree program.
  • Applicants are expected to make a two-year commitment; however, performance will be reviewed during the first year.

A limited number of assistantships are available to graduate students who desire to work in a specific department of the Graduate School. The duties include clerical work, test grading, classroom or research assistance, and so forth. Pay is on an hourly basis up to ten hours per week. Second year students are given preference.

Complete the Application for Graduate Academic Assistantship (PDF) to apply.

Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are also available at HoneyRock, Outdoor Center For Leadership Development of Wheaton College, through the M.A. in Outdoor and Adventure Leadership. They are designed to sharpen the skills of ministry practitioners, equipping them to be exceptional leaders for the Christian outdoor, adventure, and camp ministry movements, and the church. Apply here.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the application process, contact Human Resources at 630.752.5060. For questions regarding positions, contact the Dean of Residence Life at 630.752.5427.