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Graduate Residence Advisor and Graduate Assistant Openings

Current Openings for the M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development Programs

Pursue a Graduate Residence Advisor position or a Graduate Assistantship as a rewarding and practical means of applying your learning in the M.A. in Higher Education in Student Development.

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Graduate Residence Advisor (GRA) Positions

This position will give you the opportunity to minister to the team of Resident Assistants. You will help train and prepare RAs before the school year, and then engage in weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions with four RAs during the year. This time includes providing practical support as well as emotional and spiritual support. Living in community with both your ResLife team and the residents of your buildings will provide the opportunity to walk alongside and care for students as they navigate an incredibly formational chapter of their story.

The purpose of this role is to help twelve students, ranging from freshman to seniors, plan and implement freshman and transfer orientation at the beginning of each school year. In this role, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with a team of students throughout the year while also supervising some of the projects and events that take place during orientation week.


Beyond building relationships with junior and senior students in the GRA’s apartment area, this position is heavily focused on discipling and mentoring student leaders in the Discipleship Ministries Office. Wheaton has a robust small group ministry, and this GRA will work on a team of staff who empower and encourage students as they lead these small groups and mentor other small group leaders on campus.

One aspect of this position is overseeing an apartment complex of juniors and seniors, while the other part of the job is to act as an advisor and supporter for an ethnic student organization, Human Resources. You will have the privilege of advising Asian/Asian-American students on how to program for the campus as well as care for themselves as student leaders. Along with working alongside Koinonia, you will have the opportunity to work with an incredible and diverse staff in the Koinonia (OMD) that provides opportunities to get involved with other race and diversity projects/initiatives.


There are two main aspects of this position: interacting with your residents in the apartments and interacting with your student group, the Shalom Community. These are opportunities to see students grow in knowledge, character, and with the Lord. Build community by inviting residents to times of intentional fellowship and by supporting their individual endeavors through careful relationship building. In the Shalom Community you will supervise student leaders and train them to take ownership of the group, and as a result, have the benefit of watching the community grow in sanctification, biblical justice, and racial conciliation. 


Graduate Assistantship (GA) Positions