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Institute for Cross-Cultural Training

ICCT equips Christians called to global service with skills in cross-cultural communication, language learning, and English teaching so they can serve their communities effectively and professionally.

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What does ICCT have to offer?

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Second Language Acquisition Courses

We have several different courses for language learners at every stage (beginners to advanced). With a combination of language learning techniques, pronunciation help, and language helper guidance, we prepare you to reach your language learning goals. All of our courses are completely online and can be made to accommodate your schedule and needs. 

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Cross-Cultural Communication Course

For those living, working, and serving in another culture, ICCT offers a Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry course as well as a new 'Learning Ministry Language' course. We believe these courses will empower you to communicate and serve more effectively in your community. Both courses are fully online with flexible scheduling.

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ESL Teaching Courses & Workshops

ICCT has a variety of courses and workshops for ESL teachers suited for both community volunteers, tutoring businesses, and veteran teachers. We offer 8-hour, 10-hour, and 30-hour TESOL certificates for proof of the professional training received through ICCT. Many courses may be optionally taken for graduate credit. Workshops and courses are offered online through virtual participation as well as in person. 

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Language Coach Courses

ICCT is the primary organization that provides training for language coaches in Christian non-profits. If you are in the position of guiding other people in their language and culture learning, our Foundations, Listen-up & Speak-out, and Assessment courses are perfect for you! All courses are completely online and offered several times a year. 

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ICCT Testimonials

Hear what our participants have to say about our services!

"I feel like my toolbox is full of all sorts of tools to pull out and use."
- former SLA course participant

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ICCT Resources

ICCT has all kinds of resources that can benefit you! We've conveniently compiled a variety of websites, original documents, and bibliographies. From language learning techniques, to ESL textbook suggestions, to language coach materials, we want to share resources that will empower you in your learning and ministry. 

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New online courses designed for people ministering cross-culturally

  • Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry
    A reflective cross-cultural communication course
  • Learning Ministry Language
    A step-by-step approach for learning to handle worship and ministry tasks in the host language