Second Language Acquisition Courses

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Online Courses for Second Language Acquisition

ICCT’s Second Language Acquisition (SLA) courses are designed to equip learners with the essential knowledge and skills they need to become a more efficient and effective language learner. We have courses that are applicable to someone with any proficiency level, learning situation, or language needs. These courses are helpful for a broad audience – whether you are just about to move overseas, have been living cross-culturally for years, or are generally interested in developing your language skills. We want to empower you to handle language of daily life and of heart-to-heart conversations so that you can be actively a part of your host community. Our approach is to teach you principles of language learning, coach you in pronunciation specific to your target language(s), and support you in creating a language learning plan.

What does an ICCT SLA course offer?

  • One-on-one instruction and video calls with an expert instructor
  • Individualization for your language learning needs
  • Focused time working on your target host language throughout the course, including with a language helper
  • Techniques for language learning to practice and use 
  • One-on-one pronunciation instruction from a skilled expert
  • Optional sessions for your family and children
  • Customized start dates and course schedules to fit your schedule
  • Affordable pricing and flexible payment plans

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Download a PDF description of all of our courses and some frequently asked questions here: ICCT SLA course description and FAQs.

Second Language Acquisition Course Options

SLA for Beginning Learners

Intended for pre-field or new-to-field learners planning to do significant, long-term ministry in the heart language for 3+ years. 12 sessions over 6 or 12 weeks. $1,300.

SLA for Continuing Learners

Intended for intermediate/advanced learners looking to advance in language proficiency and who are doing significant, long-term ministry in the heart language. 15 sessions over 6 or 12 weeks. $1,300.

Introduction to Language Learning

Intended for pre-field or new-to-field learners planning to minister in English, but needing to learn another language for daily life. 12 sessions, 3 or 6 weeks. $850.

Jump-Start SLA

Intended for pre-field or new-to-field learners with little time for language study or preparation. 20 hours, 1 or 4 weeks. $350.

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SLA Course FAQs
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"This course has given a wonderful introduction to help build our competence in self-guided learning and building our own language learning program. It has helped to debunk learning misconceptions and replace them with appropriate alternatives in learning how to well, learn. The phonetics, LLT and cultural content was wonderfully tailored to my personal needs and direction, further aiding in my understanding of my own language as well as my target language."

~ past SLA student