Jump-Start SLA Program

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Jump-Start SLA Program Overview

  • Are you a new language learner who doesn’t have time for a full-time season of language learning?
  • Are you primarily working in English, but want to learn your host culture’s language in the time you have?
  • Are you wondering how you can be a self-directed learner within the constraints of your work and life responsibilities?

The Jump-Start Second Language Acquisition (SLA) program offers a beginning overview of language learning for learners in need of some basic instruction. The course’s 20 hours of content includes the following topics:

  • Types of communication 
  • What does it mean to learn a language?
  • Needs and variables of learners
  • Working with a language helper
  • Phonetics (the sound system of a language)
  • Creating a language learning plan

This course also includes 3 one-on-one video calls with an instructor focusing on language learning needs and goals and pronunciation of the target language.


Jump-Start SLA is intended for learners who have constraints on their time so that they will not be able to do a season of full-time language learning.  Typically, these learners are doing most of their work and life tasks in English, but are looking for support in learning the language around them for some daily life tasks. They often are working full-time and are unable to step away from that work in order to do language study for a season of time.

Format, Duration, and Cost

Our SLA courses are fully online and flexible to your schedule. This allows you to take it anywhere in the world and manage your own schedule. All work can be completed at a pace you will decide when you register.  In the past, many learners have completed it in one week (20 hours of work) or at a more relaxed pace over four weeks (5 hours per week). 

This course costs $350 and includes all course materials.

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"Thinking through the various ways to learn the language was helpful as I think about how to learn language while caring for our large family. It helped us think through what learning opportunities we could involve the children in as well."

~ past SLA student

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