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Comments from our Second Language Acquisition Students

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Comments from our SLA Students

Learning Online

“It helped me to be able to learn at my own pace. I also liked the convenience of being able to learn from home.”

“I expected Moodle to be difficult to learn how to use, but was surprised to find it quite easy.”

“I chose your online course because my wife already speaks the language and didn't need to take a pre-field SLA course. By studying online I didn't have to uproot my whole family to attend a training course or, worse yet, leave them at home while I was studying.”


“We took your course because it was by far the least expensive option. But you also provide the most thorough phonetics instruction, the most time working with a language helper, the most information about our target language, and you even provide on-field follow-up help and consultation. That’s a real bonus!”

“Do you realize how much money we saved by choosing your online course rather than other options that were available to us? I feel like we got the best of both worlds. We spent far less money for our pre-field training and we got more thorough preparation than elsewhere…”


“This course has given me just what I need to be a more successful language and culture learner. I learned so much in only three weeks.”

“I feel like my toolbox is full of all sorts of tools to pull out and use. I definitely can't use the excuse "but I don't know where to begin." This class has given me SO MANY places to start, especially giving me a jump start on understanding what it will be like to work with a language helper.”

"I have found the modules to be so helpful in giving lots of resources and guidance in how to go about language learning - I wouldn't have had a clue otherwise and wouldn't have known where to start!"

"Before this course, my go-to method of language learning was digging out the textbooks and trying to memorize the things that I did not already know. However, recently I realized that this method was not really working and I was feeling quite stuck. Having made learning goals for this course and used some of those goals in the projects, I can already see an increase in my [target language]. I now have a better understanding of how to organize my learning in order to see greater results in my language development."

Comments from our Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry Students

“Each time that I look at the different cultural aspects, I learn something new about culture. Many of the anecdotes and explanations of them, helped deepen my understanding of the differences between cultures."

"This class has been informative, encouraging, and stretching. I found there was much in it that I had casually considered or thought on but little I had put much time and effort into understanding, especially understanding the whys behind the cultural beliefs. Whether the knowledge was new or refreshment of what I’d previously learned, I found taking the approach of looking at me first and then at [my future host culture] quite helpful to prepare for potential conflicts and expectations.”


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