Partnership Testimonials

Hear from some of the organizations we partner with...

"Over the past two decades our friends at ICCT have come alongside and equipped literally hundreds of [organization's] coaches and learners. Their in-person and online learning options are second-to-none, providing our coaches and new arrivals outstanding training at just the right time. And they do this with the Great Commission in mind, truly serving and blessing those who are called to go. They are the best in the business and for all the right reasons! We are so thankful for our dear friends at ICCT who have poured into us!"

~ Lead Culture and Language Specialist

"As a large organization with staff serving all around the globe, one of the biggest needs [our organization] has had over the past 30 years is second language acquisition training that is specifically tailored for cross-cultural Gospel workers...Over the years, we have had some staff succeed in language learning and even reach a high proficiency level, but most staff have struggled in language learning and many never reached a level that allowed them to do all of their ministry duties in the language.  However, requiring our staff to take the Wheaton SLA course has been a game changer for our ministry!  The SLA course has given our staff not just the necessary vision that they can and should learn a second language to a high proficiency level, but it has also given them the practical tools, guidance and to make that dream a reality!  As more and more of our new staff are being trained through the ICCT SLA program we are seeing measurable and noticeable results on the field.

ICCT not only provides training for language learners, but they also provide training to language coaches and consulting services to individuals and organizations.  [Our organization] has used and benefited from each of these services!  Our organization has been blessed in multiple ways by...ICCT, and we are immensely grateful for our association and partnership with ICCT.

Language and culture acquisition is a core skill for which every cross-cultural Gospel messenger should be equipped and trained.  Providing this essential training and equipping is the mission of ICCT, and it is a mission they fulfill with excellence and professionalism every day.  As [organization's] language director, I give ICCT my highest and most heart-felt recommendation."

~ A Language Learning Director

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