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The Arts at Wheaton College


The arts are alive, well, and thriving at Wheaton College. The arts offer unique opportunities to bring glory to the One who authored beauty. Through music, theater, and the visual arts, the arts community at Wheaton seeks to explore God's creation and reveal His nature.

Michael Wilder

We have gathered some of the finest students, guest artists, and faculty members and we are honored to share their many gifts with you.

There is so much to celebrate within the rich fabric of the arts at Wheaton College! Take in a concert, visit one of our art galleries, see a play, or stop by a museum.

Join us this season in the Conservatory of Music, Arena Theater, Community School of the Arts, Artist Series, and Visual Art Department.

As you experience the arts at Wheaton College, my hope is that you will be richly blessed, even as we are blessed in sharing with you.

Michael D. Wilder,  Dean
Division of Arts and Communication

For Students

Wheaton offers nine academic majors in the arts including music performance, art history, and community art. Non arts majors may also participate in a wide variety of electives, musical ensembles, and theater productions during their Wheaton College career. On campus performances and arts exhibits are regular occurrences, offering students the opportunity to cultivate and express the gifts God has given them.

For the Community

Each year Wheaton fills more than 30,000 seats for musical performances, theater productions, the Artist Series, and art exhibits for the public to enjoy. Information about upcoming events can be found on the Events Calendar. Wheaton College is also home to the Community School of the Arts, a cornerstone of arts education for youth and adults for more than 1,500 students annually.

"What we need to recover (or possibly discover for the first time) is a full biblical understanding of the arts - not for art's sake, but for God's sake. Then we will be able to produce better art that more effectively testifies to the truth about God and his grace. This goal is important not just for artists, but also for everyone else made in God's image and in need of redemption."

from President Philip Ryken's book, Art for God's Sake.

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