Life at Wheaton

What is student life about at Wheaton College? We’re a community that’s devoted to developing the whole student. Here, faith, living, and learning are intimately intertwined.


Spiritual Life


Wheaton College is a distinctively Christian instution in all different aspects of campus life. Meeting in chapel three times a week, campus small groups, and the emphasis of integration of faith and learning in the classroom are just three very visible examples of how our faith affects our institution.

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At Wheaton College, we believe that what happens in the classroom is just one aspect of the unique educational experience provided by living on campus. The residence life experience — from making a home together in campus housing to enjoying our award-winning campus dining together — and the Christian community, guided by our Community Covenent, you join here will enhance your learning and growth outside the classroom in unique ways.

Kingdom Diversity


It is the mission of Multicultural Development to collaboratively serve students of color by developing programs and resources to assist them in the process from matriculation to graduation, and to provide resources and ideas for majority students seeking to identify and understand issues of diversity from a

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Explore Chicagoland

Serve Off Campus


The Office of Christian Outreach (OCO) is dedicated to offering the Wheaton College community opportunities to learn through service. All six of the ministries of the Office of Christian Outreach partner with international and national organizations, along with faculty and staff across departments and disciplines, to offer students unique opportunities to learn by combining their faith, academics, and service.

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Campus Involvement

Traditions and annual events at Wheaton build campus community through fun and meaningful activities that create a common context of shared experiences.

The great variety of student clubs on Wheaton's campus offers many opportunities for students to collaborate with their peers who have like interests, hobbies, and passions.

Student leadership opportunities at Wheaton are diverse and plentiful! Find out how to lead a club, plan campus events, and much more.

Ignite Your Wheaton Experience
— Learning About the Life of a Wheaton Student
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Throughout the history of intercollegiate athletics at Wheaton College our mission has remained the same: Wheaton College Athletics exists to foster the development of Christian faith, character, and leadership through competitive sports programs that “run the race to win.”

Wheaton offers 21 intercollegiate sports, nine club sports, and many intramurals for students to get involved in athletics, and 60% of the student body is involved in sports.

Building Campus Community

Originally written in 1924 by Wheaton’s second president, Charles Blanchard, the Statement of Faith articulates Wheaton’s foundational Christian convictions that guide the integration of Christian faith, learning and living among the faculty, administration, staff and students. A link to a faculty video series explaining the importance of this statement is also included.

The Community Covenant equips the members of Wheaton College to apply the Statement of Faith’s foundational Christian convictions in our love for God and one another. Originally written in 1974 under Wheaton’s fifth president, Hudson Armerding, and revised in 2003 under Wheaton’s seventh president, Duane Litfin, the Community Covenant articulates a vision for responsible Christian freedom and dependence on God’s grace.

The Student Handbook seeks to provide clear policies and procedures that foster the implementation of the Community Covenant among students.

Read the Wheaton College Student Handbook.

Student Care and Services

Explore the many resources that Wheaton College has available in order to best care for our campus community.

Academic and Disability Services

We help you utilize your God-given strengths for deep, effective learning, can address your academic challenges, and coordinate accommodations for physical, learning, and mental health conditions.


Wheaton College Counseling Center (WCCC) staff members are Christians who see their work to suppory and care for students as foundationally Christ-centered.

Wheaton College Graduate Registrar Staff Person

Student Health

Student Health Services is a Christ centered health team dedicated to developing and serving Wheaton College students, while recognizing their unique ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Student Care

One of the major tasks before you is to balance choices and involvement on-campus with your health and well being. We are here to help you navigate these challenges and to get you back on track.

Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention

Wheaton is committed to creating a safe environment for students while simultaneously being prepared to respond to situations related to sexual misconduct if or when they arise.

Dean of Student Care

Hear from Allison Ash, our Dean of Student Care and Graduate Student Life, about her passion to care for students in the most supportive way possible.

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Jesse Dunn
Composition Major in the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music
Jesse Dunn '18

"My professors were happy to consider my ideas and to help guide my compositional process within my own unique style."

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Maddy Preston
Applied Health Science and Spanish Double Major
Wheaton College Student Maddy Preston 18

"I am confident in the knowledge that I am loved . . . I have embraced what that means and why that makes me who I am. And that started with Passage."

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Ryan Ho
Anthropology Major, International Student from Singapore
Ryan Ho '19 Wheaton College IL International Student

"I feel comfortable and safe here; at Wheaton I’ve found deep community and rich cultural experience."

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