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Learning and Accessibility Services

Welcome to Learning & Accessibility Services

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Learning Support 

LAS seeks to provide all students with academic support designed to help enhance and enrich their college learning experience. Through individual meetings with LAS staff, and academic workshops and seminars, students can develop study strategies, learn to use tools to support their learning, and build on existing academic skills.

Our academic support services include assisting students in the areas of time management and planning, reading and note-taking, test-taking and preparation, study tools, combatting procrastination, and much more. In addition, our office provides Academic Life Coaching to students who desire to work on goal setting, creating action steps and maintaining accountability.

Accessibility and Accommodations

LAS is committed to providing students with disabilities equal access to the campus and to the educational programs as well as assisting students in navigating barriers to their education. Our office coordinates requests for accommodation for students with diagnosed Learning Disabilities, physical impairments, medical or mental health conditions.

Services We Offer

  • Academic support for all students
  • Academic Life Coaching
  • Accommodation approval and services for students with documented disabilities

Additional Campus Support Services

  • Wheaton College Writing Center (x5565) Located on the first floor of Buswell Library, open during most library hours
  • Tutoring for specific subjects (arranged by individual faculty or departments)
  • Center for Vocation and Career (x5048)
  • Wheaton College Counseling Center (x5321)


Learning and Accessibility Services Staff

To contact us, please make an appointment or email us at: las@wheaton.edu

Melissa Norton



Joelle Merrifield
Accessibility Specialist