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Kingdom Diversity

Kingdom Diversity

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Women's History Month Events

Wheaton College proudly celebrates Women's History Month. Women in our communities enhance our experiences, deepen our knowledge, and influence our culture. 

Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman. — 1 Corinthians 11:11, New International Version Read More

Featured Events

The Office of Intercultural Engagement invites you to view this webinar with Bias and Discrimination Expert, Dr. Peter Glick, on the topic Enhancing Inclusion and Respect for Women in the Workplace.

 Enjoy Part two of the Enhancing Inclusion and Respect for Women in the Workplace Webinar with Bias and Discrimination Expert, Dr. Peter Glick.

Watch the video of Wheaton's Third Annual Rodney K. Sisco Diversity Students' Choice Awards! Congratulations, Pastor Raymond Chang and Dr. Michael McKoy!

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The Rodney K. Sisco Diversity Students' Choice Awards

Join us as we celebrate the Third Annual Rodney K. Sisco Diversity Students' Choice Awards Ceremony. Wheaton College takes time each year to honor and value the outstanding diversity work of our faculty and staff. 

Diversity Discussions Book of the Month

Join us every month as we read books related to diversity and inclusion.

The Office of Intercultural Engagement proudly presents 

 Photos of Faculty, Staff and Students from Wheaton and various colleges and churches

The Diversity Discussions Web Series 

As social justice issues continue to unfold, the Wheaton College Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer, Dr. Sheila Caldwell, has hosted conversations about how these matters have impacted people of color in America.

To view the live event replays, visit the Diversity Event Archives


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COVID-19 Diversity Resources

As we navigate these trying times, here are some resources for a greater understanding of how to stay unified as the diverse body of Christ.

Christ-Centered Diversity Commitment

Wheaton College has created the Christ-Centered Diversity Commitment to articulate our firm commitment to "cultivate a grace-filled, Christ-Centered academic community where all members are recognized, loved, and respected [Matthew 22:37-40 and 28:19-20; Revelation 7:9-10]."

Read Our Commitment

Featured Videos

Wheaton College values and includes diverse points of view from the body of Christ. Please enjoy these featured videos that reflect the beauty of different expressions of God's image.

Ms. Crystal Cartwright | Luke 5:12-16

Dr. Colón|Philippians 2:1-11

Provost Karen Lee | Psalm 89:1-15

Ms. Heidi Mitchell Daniels | Psalm 1

Dr. Christin Fort | Acts 5:1-11

Atty. Diane Padilla | Luke 8:22-25

Dr. Kelly Urbon | Luke 7:36-50

Dr. Sandi Rueger | Stories of Hope

The Biblical Vision for Kingdom Diversity

Inspiring the Good in Diverse Relationships

Right Words, Right Hearts, and Right Actions

Arts in the Liberation Struggle