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Wheaton College Orientation Opening Worship Band at Edman Chapel
Kingdom Diversity

Kingdom Diversity

Lament is power because before people will follow you they must know you love them. — Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero, Co-Lead Pastors of Lamb’s Church, NYC Read More

Chapel Talks and Performances

The Wheaton College Chaplain's Office values and includes diverse points of view from the body of Christ. Please enjoy these featured chapel videos that display the beauty of different expressions of God's image. 

Rodney Sisco | "Who Is My Neighbor?": Learning Through Humility 



Margaret Diddams | Luke 21:1-6 



Ray Chang | Luke 20:20-26



Diversity Discussions Book of the Month

Join us every month as we read books related to diversity and inclusion.

Wheaties Define Racial Reconciliation

Here's what the Wheaton College Staff, Students and Faculty had to say when they were asked to define racial reconciliation.