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Kingdom Diversity

Kingdom Diversity

Collage of Hispanic and Latino/a Faculty and Staff members

Diversity Events

Wheaton College proudly celebrates ethnically diverse cultures and communities. Diversity in our communities continually enhances our experiences, deepens our knowledge, and influences our campus culture for God's glory.

Each of us will have to make the choices that allow us to be the largest versions of ourselves. — Ms. Julia Alvarez, Poet, Novelist, Essayist, and Educator Read More

How We Teach about Gender Roles in the Church at Wheaton College

This information also serves to orient new faculty—especially those who teach in the School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership and the School of Biblical and Theological Studies—on Wheaton’s perspective. 

Diversity Discussions Book of the Month

Welcome! Join us every month as we read books presenting a variety of perspectives on diversity and inclusion. We encourage people to engage the following resources from an evangelical perspective, as summarized in our Christ-Centered Diversity Commitment.


Nosotros Somos Elegidos (We are Chosen)

"As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we encourage you to listen to music that speaks to the vast experiences of Hispanic and Latin American cultures. Hispanic and Latin American performers use many genres to express themselves in ways that echo the greatness of our God. The Office of Intercultural Engagement has curated a playlist on Pandora titled, "Nosotros Somos Elegidos" (We are Chosen), to celebrate the creativity, strength, and beauty of the Hispanic and Latin American communities. Enjoy this playlist

Asian and Asian American faculty and staff headshots and popular Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander music artists and album covers

We are grateful for the work of Wheaton's very own faculty members, Dr. Franciso Xavier Beteta, Prof. Denise Gamez, and Prof. Leonardo Altino. These gifted scholars and artists honor the Lord and share their expertise and experiences both nationally and internationally. Listen to their music featured in our "Nosotros Somos Elegidos" Pandora playlist.

Still, there is more to hear and learn from the voices of 20 Spanish-speaking countries and territories than the fifty songs in this playlist can convey. The experiences of the Hispanic and Latin American communities reach far beyond music. We invite you to seek that understanding as your read, listen, genuinely connect, and engage with the Hispanic and Latin American treasures that are all around you.

We do not own the rights to any of the music curated in this playlist.

Enjoy previous playlists listed on the Events Page.

Christ-Centered Diversity Commitment

Wheaton College has created the Christ-Centered Diversity Commitment to articulate our firm commitment to "cultivate a grace-filled, Christ-Centered academic community where all members are recognized, loved, and respected [Matthew 22:37-40 and 28:19-20; Revelation 7:9-10]."

Read Our Commitment

The Flourishing for All: Wheaton Strategic Diversity Plan

The goal of the Flourishing for All: Wheaton College Diversity Strategic Plan was created to build on the Christ-Centered Wheaton College Diversity Commitment Statement by outlining concrete structures and processes to transform individuals and the College. 63 departments contributed 90 plans that model inclusive and equitable approaches for engagement, decision-making, and communication.

Download the PDF of the plan

The Office of Intercultural Engagement proudly presents 

 Collage of ethnically diverse faculty and staff headshots

The Diversity Discussions Web Series 

As social justice issues continue to unfold, the Wheaton College Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer, Dr. Sheila Caldwell, has hosted conversations about how these matters have impacted people of color in America.

View the live event replays.


Diversity Resources

We invite you to learn more about ethnically diverse communities' unique experiences through recommended resources.

Learn with Us
Wheaties Define Racial Reconciliation

Here's what the Wheaton College Staff, Students and Faculty had to say when they were asked to define racial reconciliation. 

Featured Videos

Wheaton College values and includes diverse points of view from the body of Christ. Please enjoy these featured videos that reflect the beauty of different expressions of God's image.




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Dr. Esau McCaulley - Unidad Chapel   Ms. Estefanía Hernandez    
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Biblical Vision for
Kingdom Diversity
  Inspiring the Good in
Diverse Relationships
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Right Words, Right Hearts,
and Right Actions
  Arts in the Liberation Struggle