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Black History Month Events

Black History Month Events

Wheaton College proudly celebrates Black History Month. We invite you to celebrate God's creativity and wisdom in our African, Africana, and Black communities. Their contributions to our Campus greatly enhance our experiences, deepen our knowledge, and impact our culture. 

2.1 *Acts 2:14-24, 36-41, Our Prophecy: Prof. Donté Ford, Music & Worship Arts
2.8 *Acts 4:1-21 Our Courageous Witness: Mr. Stephen Cartwright, M.Div., Residence Life
2.11  2-3:30 p.m. CST, Zoom, Racial Battle Fatigue: The Sisco Symposium,
2.12 *Psalm 27: A Song, A Psalm & A Story; "Whom Shall I Fear?": Mr. Jordan Burton '22
2.15 *Acts 2:42-46; 4:32-37 Our Earliest Community: Dr. Alex Haskins, Politics and Int'l Relations, William Osborne Society Chapel
2.22 *Acts 5:1-11 Our Commitment to Honesty Where Are the Women Conference: Dr. Christin Fort, Psychology
2.25  1:00 p.m. CST, Zoom, Pursuing Racial Justice Panel Discussion Webinar: Christianity Today, Featuring Dr. Sheila Caldwell, Dr. Michelle Reyes, Dr. Jamal Hopkins, Dr. Walter Kim, and Dr. Vince Bacote,
2.25 7:00 p.m. CST, YouTube The Rodney K. Sisco Diversity Students' Choice Awards Ceremony

*Chapel takes place every Monday and Friday at 10:40 am CST. View live Chapel broadcasts from Edman Chapel or see previous YouTube.

Previous Events 

Hispanic Heritage Month Events 

Hispanic and Latino culture organization student leaders standing in Blanchard lawn in front of trees and Blanchard Hall 

Pictured above: Unidad Cristiana Cabinet Member 

Unidad Cristiana, which means Christian Unity, strives to live out the full meaning of that name. We desire to come together through the unity that we have in Christ and out of that unity to celebrate and explore Latino cultures.

Wheaton College proudly celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. Our Latino communities enhance our experiences, deepen our knowledge, and influence our culture. Learn more at hispanicheritagemonth.gov.

Public Hispanic Heritage Month Events

10.14  Chapel with Unidad Cristiana 

*Chapel broadcasts live every Wednesday, and Friday at 10:40 am., or see previous services in the section. 

Meet our Hispanic and Latino Faculty Members

Wheaton College is honored to have the leadership, scholarship, and presence of diverse Hispanic, Latina, and Latino faculty members. Their commitment to serving Christ and his people enriches the community in countless ways. We invite you to learn more about them with these features below. 


Leonardo Altino, M.Mus.
Associate Lecturer of Music (Cello)
Francisco Xavier Beteta, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Music
Nathan Luis Cartagena, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Christine Colón, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Danilo Diedrichs
Danilo Diedrichs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
David C. Iglesias, J.D.
Associate Professor of Politics and Law
Lilianna Quiroa-Crowell
Visiting Assistant Lecturer in Urban Studies and Anthropology
Néstor Iván Quiroa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Spanish
M. Daniel Carroll R (Rodas), Ph.D.
Scripture Press Ministries Professor of Biblical Studies and Pedagogy
Carlos Siliezar
Carlos Sosa Siliezar
Associate Professor of New Testament

Featured Videos

Wheaton College values and includes diverse points of view from the body of Christ. Please enjoy these featured videos that reflect the beauty of different expressions of God's image.

Dr. Altino| Pezzo Capriccioso by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

From Guatemala to the US: a Conversation with Composer Beteta

Dr. Carroll Rodas|Micah 6:1-8

Dr. Cartagena|Matthew 2:13-23

Dr. Colón|Philippians 2:1-11

CAPT Iglesias|Luke 6:1-11|A Lawyer looks at Work, Rest & the Sabbath

Estefanía Hernández | Psalm 86:1-10; Psalm 117

Atty. Diane Padilla | Luke 8:22-25 | Unidad Cristiana Chapel 2020

Mr. Jerry Woehr | Psalm 10:12-18