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Christ-Centered Residence Life

At Wheaton College, we believe that what happens in the classroom is just one aspect of the unique educational experience provided by living on campus. The residence life experience — from making a home together in campus housing to enjoying our award-winning campus dining together — and the Christian community you join here will enhance your learning and growth outside the classroom in unique ways.

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Living on my floor and knowing that I am surrounded and supported by a group of brothers has really made Wheaton a home for me. — Jonathan Liversedge '19

While you live at Wheaton you'll:

Through studying God's word, worshipping together, and the care and support of our residence life staff, you’ll grow in your faith. You'll learn more about yourself, uncovering your gifts, talents, weaknesses and strengths in the context of a supportive community. And those late nights studying together will sharpen your mind, challenging you to think deeply and differently.

Wheaton students come from diverse cultural, racial and denominational backgrounds. You’ll experience the beautiful variety that makes up the body of Christ, and you’ll be challenged to examine your own assumptions about yourself, your culture and your faith.

The closest lifelong friendships are forged through the experience of living and learning together. Here is a place where you will find the people who will walk with you through adulthood.

Learning to live together at Wheaton is great training for life after Wheaton. The caring relationships, opportunities for service, encouragement and conflict resolution you experience here will cast a vision for living the rest of your life in authentic community as a part of God’s global Kingdom.

Along with all this learning and growing, there are plenty of chances to kick back, relax and just have fun together: brother-sister floor outings, movie nights, dances, floor dinners, late-night runs to Dunkin' Donuts, house parties, Christmas decorating and floor trips to Chicago, just to name a few.   


We've got answers to frequently asked questions available online, but if we didn't cover your question there, please feel free to contact any of our helpful staff, and we'd be happy to talk more with you about residence life at Wheaton College.

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