Storage for Campus Housing

Wheaton provides students with the option of summer storage.

Depending on your current housing location, please reference the following storage and closing guidelines:

As you prepare for your time away from campus, we want you to be aware that long-term storage is available for you to use. Please do not store your belongings in your current housing location but instead follow the instructions below.

On Wed, Dec 14 and Thursday, Dec 15 (6pm-9pm) you can access the long-term storage space in the basement of the Michigan apartment building. You may use any entrance in the Michigan apartment building to get to the basement, but the easiest is the entrance closest to Chase Street. Julianna Pinelli the GRA living in Michigan-Crescent, will be around to assist you if you have questions. She may be reached at

These two dates will be your only opportunity to store items on campus until you return for fall 2023. Please be aware that there will be a $20 fine charged to your student account if you must place items other than during the posted times.

Please note: 

  • NO furniture may be stored.
  • All items must be placed on the plastic pallets located in the storage room.
  • You may store a maximum of 4 boxes.
  • All boxes must be clearly marked with your name and mailing address. In the event that you do not return to Wheaton, we need to be able to mail items.
  • You must you use plastic containers or secure in waterproof packing for all of your items. This will help protect your belongings against possible water damage.
  • You may store bikes in the MI basement on one of the bike racks. Please label the bike with your name, home address and Spring 2023, indicating the semester you will be away.
  • HNGR STUDENTS – please contact the HNGR office with specific questions.

STORE AT YOUR OWN RISK: The College is not responsible for loss or damage of any items.

You will not be able to get things out of storage until housing opens in August 2023. Access this week will be during specific dates and times. If you have items that you will need prior to the start of school in August, do not store them here!

Please feel free to contact the Residence Life Office at 630-752-5427 or with any questions.

Driving Directions
Walking Directions
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