Housing Request Forms

Housing Forms

Summer Housing, Housing Extensions and Housing Changes

Off-Campus Address

Students who live off campus are required to submit their off-campus contact information by the end of the first week of the semester.

Housing Cancellation or Changes

Please use this form when requesting a change for your housing.

Early Arrival and Late Departure Request

Please reference our housing calendar to see when housing opens and closes throughout the year. Requests to remain in housing prior to when campus opens or stay after housing closes are managed through our late departure and early arrival process. Students are generally approved for late departure if they are involved in commencement (approved through the Conservatory); an athlete; sibling of a graduating senior or transitioning to on-campus summer housing. Please contact the Residence Life Office with questions at residence.life@wheaton.edu. Graduating seniors are approved to remain in housing until NOON on the Monday after graduation.
The overwhelming number of requests made in recent years, which do not align with the intentions of early arrival access, necessitates the reminder of guidelines and boundaries of early arrival campus housing. Please carefully review the information below regarding approval to arrive prior to Sunday, August 20, 2023.

Please note that we are not able to honor early arrival and late departure requests based on off-campus leases.

Early Arrival Request

Consideration for arrival without charge, prior to the 20th, is given only to continuing students who are sponsored by a faculty or staff member and who are a required participant in activities which necessitates being on campus. Examples are fall athletes, student teachers, on-campus employees, and members of student leadership teams.

All other early arrival requests will be subject to denial or a nightly charge. Approval will be considered, with a nightly charge, for students meeting these criteria:

  • Students arriving early to begin a for-credit internship
  • International students 
  • Travel hardship

Individuals may submit an early arrival request using this form. For requests to arrive prior to the start of the spring semester, please submit a break housing request.

Late Departure Request

Fall semester housing closes at noon on the Friday of finals week in December. For requests to depart after fall housing closes, please submit this form. Spring semester housing closes at 5pm on the Friday before graduation. With few exceptions, students are expected to return home or move out by this deadline. Extensions are generally granted for students from international countries, athletes whose season has not ended, and siblings of graduating seniors (May). Submit a May late departure request using this form. 

Break Housing

Campus housing closes for both Christmas and Spring Breaks. Because there is an institutional need for some students to remain on campus over breaks, the College works to accommodate those needs. Students approved to remain in a residence hall will have access to the shared kitchen in their building. Students approved to remain on campus, who do not have an institutional need, are charged a nightly housing fee and they will be notified of the application process at the beginning of B-Quad in the fall and in February for spring break needs. Requests are processed using this form.

Summer Housing

Housing is available during the summer for both enrolled undergrad and graduate students who are taking classes at Wheaton College. For undergrads, housing opens at 3pm on the Monday following graduation. Researchers, students enrolled in summer school classes on our campus, students participating in a Wheaton summer program and students from an international location unable to return home for the summer may apply for housing. Cost and options are listed on the application.

Housing for graduate students varies according to the schedule of classes for which the student has enrolled. Prior to confirming your departure from housing, please check with the residence life office. Unless grad students are staying in housing all summer the students' last night in housing is determined by the program ending date.

While living in Wheaton College housing, all students are expected to follow the Community Covenant and all college Policies found in the Wheaton College Student Handbook