Housing Cancellations or Changes

Please fill out this form regarding housing changes if:

  • You do not plan to live in college housing next semester due to withdrawal, December graduation, living at home with a parent, getting married, planning to live off-campus as a part-time student, or participating in Wheaton in Chicago or an approved Global Programs & Studies program.
  • Your roommate has left or is leaving, and you are requesting a specific person as your new roommate.
  • You are currently living locally off-campus and would like to live in on-campus housing.

If your roommate is leaving, you may request someone specific to replace them, using this form; otherwise, the Housing Services Office may assign someone to live with you in your residence hall room, apartment, or house.

Students who cancel after Friday, December 1st, 2023, will be subject to a $250 late cancellation fee.

Please click this link to cancel your housing.