Campus Dining

Cafe Bon Appétit provides Wheaton College's award-winning dining service, provided in beautiful Anderson Commons.

Sustainable, Local, Delicious

Food for thought, flavor for well-being.

That’s what you’ll find at our dining hall. Anderson Commons offers skylight ceilings, wide windows, and cozy fireplaces. But most definitely, the tasty, balanced meals will satisfy. Wheaton’s award-winning Cafe Bon Appétit food service, which is consistently ranked as among the best in the nation, offers delicious food that’s good for you, the animals, the workers, the community, and the Earth. It's fare “for a sustainable future”— by which we mean your future, and the world’s. Your meals will be:

  • locally and sustainably grown
  • raised humanely
  • made from scratch
  • customized to meet nutritional and dietary needs, as well as allergy restrictions

Anderson Commons Salad Bar Wheaton College IL

Today's Menu

Wondering what's on the menu at Anderson Commons today? The menu is available from Bon Appetit >>

Meal Plans

There are a variety of  meal plans available to students. Choose the one that's right for you.