Diversity Resources

Wheaton College is committed to enhancing, honoring, and celebrating Kingdom (biblical) diversity, inclusion, justice, and unity. We invite you to learn more about the unique experiences of different ethnic groups through the recommended resources listed below. 

These listed resources do not necessarily reflect specific views of Wheaton College. However, they do provide context for contemporary perspectives on race and diversity—perspectives our students will encounter in society and should be able to evaluate from the vantage point of biblical truth and evangelical conviction.






Mindfulness and Mental Health

Ethnic and Racial Awareness

  • The New York Times: Responding to Microaggressions
  • W.E.B. Dubois: Double Consciousness  
  • The New York Times: Race/Related Newsletter
  • Mortenson, T. G. (2010). Family income and educational attainment, 1970-2009. Postsecondary
    Opportunity: Public Policy Analysis of Opportunity for Postsecondary Education, 221, 1-16.
  • Gilmer, M., Littles, M., & Bowers, R. (2008). Momentum: Sustaining efforts to improve life
    outcomes among African-American males. New York: Ford Foundation.
  • Azziz, R. (2016). Why Measuring Diversity Matters. Academic Impressions. Retrieved from academicimpressions.com
  • Chambliss, D. F. (2014). Learn your students’ names. Inside Higher Ed. Retrieved
    from insidehighered.com

Dr. Vincent Bacote

Dr. Johann Buis

  • Music and Dance Make Me Feel Alive: From Mandela's Prison Songs and Dances to Public PolicyTorture: Quarterly Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture. 2013.

Dr. Christin Fort

Dr. Theon Hill

  • Sanitizing the Struggle: Obama, Selma, and Civil Rights Memory, Communication Quarterly
    Hill, T. E., 2017 view more

  • Dialoguing difference in joint ethnographic research: Reflections on religion, sexuality, and race, Cultural StudiesCritical Methodologies
    Hill, T. E., & Holyoak, I. C., 11(2): 187-194. 2011

  • Prison Power: How Prison Influenced the Movement for Black Liberation,  Quarterly Journal of Speech

    Hill, T. E., 2018 view more

  • The Forgotten Prophet: Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and the African American Prophetic Tradition, Rhetoric & Public Affairs

    Hill, T. E., 2015 view more

Dr. Muhia Karianjahi 

  • “Worldviews and Rethinking Africa’s Development” in Religion, Identity & Values: Rethinking Africa’s Development, 2020.
  • “Are rites of passage out of step? A Kenyan Christian perspective.” (2008). Lausanne World Pulse, online Magazine. lausanneworldpulse.com.

Recommended Resources 

  • Brooks, F.E. and Starks, G.L. (2015). African American student’s guide to college success. Santa Barbara CA: ABC-CLIO LLC.
  • Commodore, F. Baker, D.J. and Arroyo, A.T. (2018). Black women college students: A guide to student success in higher education. New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Curry, J.R., & Shillingford, M.A. (Eds.) (2015). African American students’ career and college readiness: The journey unraveled. Lanham Maryland: Lexington Books.
  • Negro College Fund (UNCF) (uncf.org) A minority higher education assistance organization that provides support for undergraduate education, as well as students pursuing masters and doctoral degrees. The site includes various resources and information for students and colleges.
  • Northwestern University, Task Force on the Black Student Experience (2016). Final Report of the Northwestern University Task Force on The African American/Black Student Experience. Retrieved from northwestern.edu.
  • Smith, W.A., Allen, W.R., & Danley, L.L. (2007). “Assume the position...You fit the description” Psychosocial experiences and racial battle fatigue among African American male college students. Sage Journals: American Behavioral Scientist, 51(4), 551-578.

Dr. Henry H. Kim

  • 'America' in Colonial Korea: A Vantage Point for Capitalist Modernity, Positions: Asia Critique 26.4
    Kim, Hanmee Na, November 2018

  • The Meanings of America in Modern Korea: A Study of Korean Diplomatic, Cultural, and Intellectual Engagements with America, 1852-1945, UCLA, 2014
  • How the Model Minority Thesis Became a Transcendent Meaning, Christian Scholar's Review
    Kim, Henry H. 2014.

  • Asian Americans, Encyclopedia of Immigrant Health,
    Kim, Henry H. 2012.

Dr. Karen An-Hwei Lee

  • 2018 “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Kombucha and Xenophobia" & "Dear Tokubetsu, or the Octopus Jar as a Broken Heart." Cosmonauts Avenue. Web. 2018 “Dear Millennium, a Nocturne of Questions.” Third Coast. Western Michigan University. Print.
  • 2017 “Blue Soliloquy vs. Xenophobia.” Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism 16.1: 37. Smith College. Northampton, Massachusetts. University of Indiana Press. Print.
  • 2017 "X is not for Xenophobia in Mandarin" and "A Wind Machine for Oranges Up North." 8-West Press. Web.  
  • 2014 “X is for Xenophobia.” The Missouri Review. Poem of the Week. 14 April 2014. University of Missouri. Web. 
  • 2013 “Dear Xenophobia,” “Dear Sor Juana,” “On the Autobiographical Injunction of Persimmons,” “Kafka Faces up to His Old Flames,” and “On Lilies and Cyclamen.” So To Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art Summer 2013: 26-31. George Mason University. Print.
  • 2008 “Lines from Here to Asia.” Blue Mesa Review 20: 40. University of New Mexico. Print.

Dr. Michael Hakmin Lee

Dr. Yousaf Sadiq 

  • The Contextualized Psalms (Punjabi Zabur)
    A Precious Heritage of the Global Punjabi Christian Community
  • Psalms as bridge-building between Christians and MuslimsEvangelical Quarterly, 2019

  • Jesus’ Encounter with a Woman at the Well: A South Asian PerspectiveMissiology: An International Review, 2018

  • A Precious Gift: The Punjabi Psalms and the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Imam-ud-Din ShahbazInternational Bulletin of Missionary Research, 2014

    Bible Translation in PakistanThe Oxford Encyclopedia of South Asian Christianity, 2010

Recommended Resources 

Dr. Jordan J. Ryan


  • Jordan J. Ryan, "The Underclass Myth and Taking Our Rightful Place at the Foot of the Table". To access the article, Click Here.    
  • Jordan J. Ryan, “No Model Minority,” Part I. To access the article, Click Here
  • Jordan J. Ryan, “No Model Minority,” Part II. To access the article, Click Here.

Recommended Resources


  • Gabriel J. Catanus, “Is Filipino American Theology Asian American Theology?”. To access the article, Click Here.                          
  • Yanan Melo, “Coming Home to the River: On Baptism, Displacement, and the Filipino/a Migrant Experience". To access the article, Click Here.
  • Colton Bernasol (a recent Wheaton graduate!), “Between Plainfield and Barrio Three”. To access the article, Click Here.                
  • Joyce del Rosario, “Joyce del Rosario: Did you eat? What Filipino/a/x American theology brings to the table”. To access the article, Click Here.                   


  • America Is in the Heart by Carlos Bulosan
  • Letters to a Brown Girl by Barbara Jane Reyes
  • Little Manila Is in the Heart by Dawn Bohulano Mabalon
  • Toward a Theology of Struggle by Eleazar Fernandez

Dr. M. Daniel Carroll Rodas  

  • "Latino/Latina Biblical Interpretation"Scripture and its Interpretation: An Ecumenical, Global Introduction to the Bible, M. Daniel Carroll R., 2017.
  • "The Bible and Hispanic Immigration"The Hispanic Evangelical Church in the United States: History, Ministry and Challenges, M. Daniel Carroll R., 2016.
  • "Diaspora and Mission in the Old Testament"Scattered and Gathered: A Global Compendium of Diaspora Missiology, M. DanielCarroll R., 2016.
  • "Once a Stranger, Always a Stranger? Immigration, Assimilation, and the Book of Ruth"International Bulletin of Missionary Research, M. Daniel Carroll R., 2015.
  • "Welcoming the Stranger: Toward a Theology of Immigration in Deuteronomy", For Our Good Always: Studies on the Message and Influence of Deuteronomy in Honor of Daniel I. Block, M. Daniel Carroll R., 2013.

Dr. Nathan Cartagena

  • No Context, No GospelWord Outspoken Magazine 
    Nathan Luis Cartagena, September 2021. view more
  • I Found Christ's Liberating Spirit in Critical Race Theory, Sojourners Magazine
    Nathan Luis Cartagena, September 2021. view more
  • What Christians Get Wrong about Critical Race Theory: Part ThreeFaithfully Magazine
    Nathan Luis Cartagena, June 2020
    An essay on CRT's origins and its adherents' conceptions of gender, intersectionality, and racism. view more
  • What Christians Get Wrong about Critical Race Theory: Part TwoFaithfully Magazine
    Nathan Luis Cartagena, May 2020
    An essay on CRT's origins and its adherents' conceptions of law and race. view more
  • What Christians Get Wrong about Critical Race TheoryFaithfully Magazine
    Nathan Luis Cartagena, February 2020
    An essay on Christian treatments of Critical Race Theory. view more
  • Suffering Our Forefathers' Sins: A Latino's Reflection on White SupremacyMere Orthodoxy
    Nathan Luis Cartagena, August 12, 2019
    An essay in response to the El Paso shooting. view more

Dr. Carlos Sosa Siliezar

Journal Articles

  • "The Use of the New Testament in Latin American Ecclesiologies: Critique and Dialogue between the Proposals of Leonardo Boff and René Padilla." Journal of Latin American Theology 16 (2021): 19-64.
  • "Scripture's Impact on Bartolomé de las Casas' Theology: Lessons for the Interpretation of Key Johannine Themes." Revista Bíblica 82 (2020): 419-436. 
  • "Tres rostros de Dios en el Cuarto Evangelio." Gregorianum 94 (2013): 727-737. 

Book Chapters




  Edited volume

Ecclesiastical Articles 

  • “And Finally…” Expository Times 127.11 (2016).
  • “Las encrucijadas del trabajo teológico.” Signos de Vida 61 (2012).
  • “Las misiones y la creación: ¿Estamos hablando de lo mismo?” Etnos 2 (2009).

Dr. Néstor Iván Quiroa

  • A Review of the Indigenous Peoples of Mesoamerica and Central America: Their Societies, Cultures, and Histories by Robert M. Carmack, Quiroa, Nestor, IK: Other Ways of Knowing, vol. 4, Dec. 2018, pp. 181-184. PSU.edu
  • The Popol WujThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to World Literature
    Ed. Ken Seigneurie. (Forthcoming, Spring 2018)
  • Contextualizing the Popol Wuj from Friar Ximénez to the Digital Age. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History. Oxford University Press. Article published November 2018. doi: Doi.org.
  • Friar Francisco Ximénez and the Popol Vuh: From Religious Treatise to a Digital Sacred Book., Ethnohistory 64:2 (April 2017): 64:2.
  • Missionary Exegesis of the Popol Vuh: Maya-K'iche' Cultural and Religious Continuity in Colonial and Contemporary Highland Guatemala., History of Religions. 53:1 (August 2013): 66-97
  • El "Popol Wuj" en la versión de Francisco Ximénez (1701-1702)Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes 2012. view more
  • Revisiting the Highland Guatemala Tίtulos: How the Maya-Quiché Lived and Outlived the Colonial Experience., Ethnohistory. 58:2 (Spring 2011) 294-321.
  • The Popol Vuh and the Dominican Religious Extirpation in Highland Guatemala: Re-contextualizing Friar Ximénez’s Text, Prologues, and Annotations., The Americas: 67:4 (April 2011): 467-494.
  • “Francisco Ximénez and the Popol Vuh: Text, Structure, and Ideology in a Prologue,”CLAHR: Colonial Latin American Historical Review 11:3 (2002): 279-300.

Recommended Resources

  • Harris, A. L., & Tienda, M. (2012). Hispanics and the Texas top 10% law. Race and Social Problems 4(1): 57-67.
  • Mindfulness Resources in Spanish: www.bilingualmindfulness.com
  • Gleeson, S., & Gonzales, R. G. (2012). When do papers matter? An institutional analysis of 27 undocumented life in the United States. International Migration, 50(4). DOI.org
  • Cuellar, M. (2018). Understanding Latinx college student diversity and why it matters. Higher Education Today. Retrieved from
  • Gonzalez, K. P., Marin, P., Perez, L. X., Figueroa, M. A., Moreno, J. F. & Navia, C. N. (2001). Understanding the nature and context of Latino doctoral student experiences. Journal of College Student Development, 42, 563-579.
  • Robertson, R.V., Bravo, A. & Chaney, C. (2016). Racism and the experiences of Latina/o college students at a PWI (Predominantly White Institution). SAGE Journals: Critical Sociology, 42(4-5), 715-735.
  • Lopez, I. H. (2006). White by law: The legal construction of race (Rev. and updated). New York: New York University Press.
  • Delgado, R. & Stefancic, J. (2012). Critical race theory: An Introduction. New York: New York University Press.
  • Garcia, E. E. (2001). Hispanic education in the United States: Raices y alas. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Lopez, I. H. (2014). Dog whistle politics: How coded racial appeals have reinvented racism and wrecked the middle class. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.