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Comments from our ESL Teaching Workshops

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Comments from our ESL Teaching workshops

Practical Instruction

“Three power-packed weekends with lots of information and resources I will return to again and again. The instructors (Dianne Dow and Mary Cerutti) are expert teachers and practitioners. Their desire was clearly to help each participant improve in his/her ability to teach English purposefully.”

“Even as an experienced ESL teacher, I found the content of the Reach Out with English course relevant and inspiring to my work.”

“This course was amazing. It gave me foundational principles of teaching ESL, plus much ‘how- to’ information, and it introduced me to many choices of teaching materials. I feel much more confident about my ESL teaching now.”

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching adult ESL students. All of the teachers were simply outstanding. They packed all of the sessions with carefully prepared lessons on crucial topics. and provided us with an incredible wealth of resource materials to take home with us.”

Exceeded Expectations

“It was well worth the time and minimal cost. I can’t imagine that anyone would come away from this course disappointed.”

“Much more than expected...one of the best organized and well-conceived programs I have seen.”

“The course exceeded my expectations. So much material and expertise shared in the 30 hours. Way above other courses I have taken.”


What a huge boost ROWE has given us as a program! With 24 teachers from our team attending this rich equipping seminar, our program has a new and united vision to reach for together!”

“After several bad experiences with teaching English, I came into the course skeptical about teaching again. Now I am fired up and filled with great ideas on how to organize and teach a high-quality English program while keeping the important focus of meeting the needs of my students and loving them into the Kingdom.”

“I had no idea how much God would work through these 30 hours. I now feel like teaching ESL will be a part of the rest of my life.”

“I can't believe all the things I learned, and I know I learned it because I’m using it.”

“I came into the course with limited knowledge of ESL, and now feel well-equipped to effectively participate in this type of ministry.”



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