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Second Language Acquisition Registration

SLA Registration Instructions

  • If you aren't sure which course to take, please email us and our director to set up a one-on-one consultation online. icct@wheaton.edu
  • If after viewing the course descriptions (webpage link), you know which course you would like to take, follow the instructions below: 
    1. Download and complete the registration form (PDF) for the desired course.
    2. Send us the completed registration as an email attachment to icct@wheaton.edu.
    3. After receiving your registration form, ICCT will contact you with further details about the course. 
  • For-credit registration:
    If you would like to earn graduate credit for SLA for Beginning Learners or SLA for Continuing Learners (4 credit hours) or Introduction to Language Learning (2 credit hours), please email us.  
  • All our courses have flexible, customizable scheduling to meet your individual needs! We do, however, have 6 pre-planned course start dates throughout the year at a proposed 6-week pace:
    • January 6-24
    • March 10-28
    • May 12-29
    • June 23- July 11
    • September 8-26
    • October 27- November 14

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Course Descriptions and Registration Forms

SLA for Beginning Learners

A 15-session course for new language learners with almost no proficiency of the target language. 

SLA for Continuing Learners

A 15-session course for language learners with intermediate proficiency or higher in the target language. Participants can be new to the field or seasoned workers who want to get to the next proficiency level.

Introduction to Language Learning

A 15-session course for new language learners who will be on-field for less than 3 years and are learning language for everyday life, rather than for doing heart-to-heart communication for ministry.

Just-in-Time SLA

A course spanning one year for new language learners. Includes two multi-week courses plus on-field coaching for the first year of language learning.

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