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Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry Course

  • Are you moving to a new country or culture or serving cross-culturally within your own country?
  • Are you mystified by cultural differences and want to know more?
  • Are you seeking ways to share the hope of Christ with your international friends?

Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry is an online course designed to assist Christians in better understanding, communicating, and serving in cross-cultural settings. This 15-session course includes online content as well as personal interaction with a culture helper from a specific host culture. These sessions are accompanied by weekly one-on-one video calls with an instructor. The course culminates with the learner creating a culture profile of their host culture as well as a culture learning plan to use in the future. 

Course Dates

While we can schedule the start date and the course length to meet your individual needs, we also have pre-planned starting dates available throughout the year. Most learners take the course either over 4-5 weeks at 6-8 hours per week or over 11 weeks at 2-3 hours per week. See our Culture and Ministry Registration Page for this year's pre-planned course dates. 


  • $550
  • Course discounted to $450 if currently taking an SLA course
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"Now, having lived in Mexico for 6 years and taking this course...I see things in a whole new light. There are so many cultural aspects to life here that we observe, experience, and continue to figure out. This course is shedding a big light on it all."

~ past student from our Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry Course