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Culture ad Ministry Course Registration

Culture and Ministry Course Registration Instructions

  1. Review the course descriptions by clicking on the website link or by downloading the 1-page PDF summary.
  2. Download and complete the course registration form (PDF). 
  3. Send us the completed registration as an email attachment to icct@wheaton.edu.
  4. After receiving your registration form, ICCT will contact you with further details about the course. 

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Course Descriptions and Registration Forms

Course Dates 2020

  • January 20—February 14
  • March 2—March 27
  • April 13—May 8
  • June 1—June 26
  • July 6—July 31
  • September 7—October 2
  • October 19-November 13

Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry

Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry is a course designed to assist Christians in better understanding, communicating, and serving in cross-cultural settings.

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