Graduate Student Council (GSC)

2023-2024 Graduate Student Council


Chair - Saruni Lemargeroi

Vice Chair - Lakyn Fipps

Secretary/Communications - Brodie Robinson

Housing Liaison - Da'Nesha Davis

Graduate Student Council represents the graduate student voice in issues regarding policies, program changes, and student life.

Why does the GSC exist?

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Graduate Student Council (GSC) is to serve graduate students by:

  • Representing them on Wheaton College Committees and Councils
  • Advocating for their unique needs
  • Developing a vision for graduate student life
  • Facilitating cross-departmental programs and events


How can students get involved with the GSC?

Talk to Us
We sincerely value and encourage students’ concerns and ideas. Contact us at or speak to a representative in person or by email. 

Attend Meetings
Starting Fall Semester 2019, GSC will be offering public meetings to the graduate student body. Please email if you are interested in attending.

Run for Graduate Student Council
Do you have a passion for student government? Do you desire to advocate change and provide a student voice and perspective to campus issues and policies? If yes, serving as a member of the Graduate Student Council might be the perfect fit for you! Elections take place in the Spring semester. Watch for emails or campus announcements promoting dates!

Why is it beneficial for students to be on GSC?

Graduate Student Council is privileged to have representatives on several faculty committees. This means that we are consistently informed about policy and program changes. Sitting on faculty committees provides access to information, opportunities to allow graduate student concerns to be heard by the larger college, and in some instances, voting rights are extended on significant campus policies and program changes. Additionally, students interact with faculty, staff, administration, and the board of trustees outside of traditional classroom or chapel settings.

Why is it beneficial for students to have a voice through GSC?

The graduate student voice matters! Graduate faculty, staff, and larger administration have expressed how sincerely they value graduate input. They look forward to hearing our concerns and ideas to help grow and strengthen the Wheaton College Graduate School. GSC has a working relationship with the larger campus, representing and reiterating the unique needs of graduate students and how students desire to be supported.