Graduate Student Council Members

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) serves as a bridge between the Graduate student body and the institution of Wheaton College. By listening to the needs of fellow students, executing creative plans to improve Graduate Student life, and sitting on various institutional committees, the GSC is the voice of the vibrant and diverse Wheaton College Graduate School.

2021-2022 Council

Manuel Rim 150 x 200

Manuel Rim

GSC Chair
School of Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy 
PsyD Clinical Psychology 

Scott Willis 150 x 200

Scotty Willis

GSC Vice-Chair
School of Biblical and Theological Studies
MA in Historical Theology

Genafine Bartoo 150 x 200

Genafine Bartoo

GSC Secretary
School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership
MA in Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership

Wesley Palmer 150 x 200

Wesley Palmer

GSC Communications Coordinator
School of Biblican and Theological Studies
MA in Old Testament Archeology