Graduate School Costs for Financial Aid

There are a lot of factors to the cost of college. We’re here to help you see them and plan accordingly. Here are the standard cost-of-attendance budgets based on average full-time enrollment for the 2023-2024 academic year. They are used to determine financial aid, but actual costs may vary depending on the program and hours enrolled.


Graduate M.A.*
(at 12 hrs/ semester)

PsyD/PhD in Clinical Psychology*
(at 8 hrs / semester)

in Biblical and Theological Studies

DMin* Student
(at 8 hrs / semester)


Estimated Direct Costs**
for the Fall and Spring Semesters (9 months)‡







Estimated Indirect Costs†
for the Fall and Spring Semesters (9 months)‡






Living Expenses†






TOTAL (Amount used to determine financial aid)





* Consult academic departments for details as to actual tuition costs per year.

** Tuition is a "direct cost" and will be billed by Student Financial Services. The tuition listed here is based on an average enrollment of 12 credit hours per semester (8 credit hours per semester for doctoral programs). A student's enrollment may vary. Please see the suggested course sequence for a specific program to estimate the tuition charged to a student in that program. The direct costs listed do not include any extra course fees. Room and board are not direct costs when a student is living off-campus and not participating in a campus meal plan.

† These costs are estimated "indirect costs" and will not be billed by Student Financial Services. The actual costs may be greater or lower depending on the individual situation.

‡ These costs are based on a 9 month period. If a student is applying for financial aid for a 12 month period to include the summer term, his/her financial aid budget is increased to determine his/her financial aid eligibility for all three terms. A student enrolling in the summer term in addition to the fall and spring terms can expect additional direct costs (tuition) and indirect costs (books and living expenses).

Costs Terms

Financial Aid Budget
The financial aid budget, as shown above, includes the costs that are used in determining financial aid eligibility.

Billed Costs
Billed costs are the costs that are billed directly through the Student Financial Services Office. To estimate tuition costs for specific program, multiply the tuition rate by the number of credit hours required by that program as demonstrated on the program's web page or by the program's suggested course sequence.

Payment Plan Budget
The budget used when participating in the payment plan should only include billed costs. The payment plan budget is NOT the same as the Financial Aid budget.