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Accelerated M.A. Application Information

How to Get Your Bachelor's and Master's in Five Years

The Accelerated M.A. offers Wheaton College undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a master's degree in as little as one year by taking graduate credit courses during their senior year.

The Accelerated M.A. Program is offered for the following degrees:

*Non-Ancient Languages students may take longer than a year to complete the accelerated M.A. in Biblical Exegesis. The Ancient Language Prerequisite Tuition Rebate is designed to help students take necessary language prerequisites free-of-charge at Wheaton.

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Explore the Accelerated M.A.

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Begin a Graduate Short Application and select Accelerated M.A.
  • Create an account using your my.wheaton.edu email address
  • Submit a "Graduate Short Application" to an Accelerated M.A. Program

Admission Requirements

Timeline and Requirements

  • Inquire and apply during your Junior year, following the required deadlines for your program. 
  • Applications to each program are evaluated on a rolling basis.
  • Certain academic departments have additional admission requirements that apply to Accelerated M.A. students. Check with your admissions counselor to learn more.
  • Eight weeks prior to the completion of the bachelor degree, the student must notify Graduate Admissions of their intention to continue as a graduate student by submitting the decision form.
    • Note: accelerated students do not have to pay the $100 deposit to confirm.


  • Online Graduate Short Application - select Accelerated M.A. for enrollment plans.
  • Online Recommendation Form - from a professor in your undergraduate major.
  • Official Transcript - submit your latest, official transcript, we cannot request it from the Registrar.
  • Research Paper - term paper that you've written that includes references and footnotes; it does not have to relate to the program you are applying to.


  • A student's official classification remains as an undergraduate until the bachelor's degree is completed.
  • Undergraduate graduation cannot be delayed in order to earn graduate credit.

Academic Advisors

  • The student's undergraduate advisor will continue to be the student's official advisor until the bachelor's degree is completed.
  • The student will be assigned a graduate advisor from their program's graduate department - so the student will have two advisors at the same time.


  • Undergraduates can start taking graduate courses after completing 90 undergraduate hours.
  • Approval by the graduate adviser required for all graduate coursework taken.
  • Maximum graduate hours allowed before completing bachelor's degree is 16.
  • Accelerated M.A. students are fully matriculated, therefore distance learning courses cannot be applied to an Accelerated M.A. degree.


  • Graduate courses taken while a student is classified as an undergraduate do not incur additional tuition. Once a student becomes classified as a graduate student, they may apply for graduate financial aid.

Accelerate Your Career 

Complete a bachelor's and a master's degree in a 5-year span of time. The program also features:

  • Save over $11,000 in tuition 
  • No GRE or MAT required
  • No application fee