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M.A. in History of Christianity
M.A. in History of Christianity

Why Pursue an M.A. in History of Christianity?

The History of Christianity program equips and mentors graduate students seeking general and advanced study in Christian History by providing training in historical research and writing, critical reading and analysis, historiography, foreign language study, faith integration, and vocation formation


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The History of Christianity program at Wheaton College provided opportunities to explore the richness and complexity of the history of the church. — Allison Brown M.A., '15, Writer and Editor, Museum of the Bible, Oklahoma City, OK.

Our program offers training in the discipline of Christian history by equipping students with a comprehensive knowledge of the Christian story across two millennia as it intersected with social, political, economic, racial, gender, and cultural factors in the context of global history. To that end, students will receive training in social history, historical theology, and the history of biblical interpretation.

Our program models and encourages methodologically-sound integrative thinking for Christians in the field of history. Through mentoring as well as courses such as “Vocation Formation” and “Historiography,” graduate students will have opportunities to reflect, discern, and prepare for their calling. They will be encouraged and equipped to use their gifts as faithful scholars in a variety of contexts, whether for the academy, for the church, or for society. We believe that knowing Christian history is vital to the Christian faith and ministry.

Though not required, interested students have the opportunity to select a concentration in one of the three periods of study: Early Christianity, Reformation Christianity, or Modern Christianity. For those in pursuit of doctoral studies, this option is highly recommended.

Explore the life and thought of the Christian church in its first seven centuries through the teaching, research, and publications of the Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies.

Jennifer McNuttJennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D. - Degree Coordinator

Dr. McNutt is the Degree Coordinator of the M.A. in History of Christianity and M.A. in Theology programs. As Associate Professor of Theology and History of Christianity, she specializes in the history of Christianity from the Reformation through Enlightenment.

"It's a privilege to teach and mentor graduate students at Wheaton as they pursue advanced study in Theology and Christian History, discern their various vocational callings, and continue to grow in their commitment to Christ."

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Faculty Books

Calvin meets Voltaire by Jennifer Powell McNutt book cover

Calvin Meets Voltaire

Based upon a decade of research on the sources at Geneva's Archives d'Etat and Bibliotheque de Geneve, Dr. Jennifer Powell Mcnutt provides the first comprehensive monograph devoted to Geneva's Enlightenment clergy.



The People's Book - Jennifer Powell McNutt

The People's Book - The Reformation and the Bible

This collection of essays, edited by Dr. Jenniffer Powell McNutt and Dr. David Lauber, brings together the reflections of church historians and theologians on the nature of the Bible as "the people's book." With care and insight, they explore the complex role of the Bible in the Reformation.

The Slain God: Anthropologists and the Christian Faith by Timothy Larsen book cover

The Slain God

Despite being a major site of friction between faith and modern thought, the relationship between anthropology and Christianity has never before been the subject of a book-length study. Dr. Timothy Larsen examines the point where doubt and faith collide with anthropological theory and evidence. 

Caesar and the Lamb: Early Christian Attitudes on War and Military Service

Caesar and the Lamb

Caesar and the Lamb by Dr. George Kalantzis focuses on the attitudes of the earliest Christians on war and military service and tells the story of the struggle of the earliest Church, and the communities of Christ at the margins of power and society.

TowerTalk Videos

George Kalantzis - TowerTalkDr. George Kalantzis
Professor of Theology
“What is Christian Community?”
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Jennifer Powell McNutt - TowerTalksDr. Jennifer Powell McNutt
Associate Professor of Theology and History of Christianity
"The Refugee Crisis: A Church Historian’s Response"
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George MacDonald in the Age of the Incarnation - Tim Larsen, Ph.D.

Tim Larsen, Ph.D. Dr. Timothy Larson
Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Christian Thought
"George MacDonald in the Age of the Incarnation" (A three-part lecture.)
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History of Christianity Comprehensive Exam Study Guide

Comprehensive Exams are offered twice each academic year. Students must register for BITH 692, Comprehensive Exam, in the semester in which they plan to take the exam.

History of Christianity Comprehensive Exam Study Guide

Possible Careers for M.A. in History of Christianity Students

In partnership with our Center for Vocation and Career, many of our majors find employment in church and parachurch agencies.

  • Churches
  • Colleges and universities
  • Junior colleges
  • Parachurch agencies
  • Religious organizations
  • Seminaries
  • Publishing houses
  • Ministries

Alumni from the program have gone on to complete doctoral degrees at the following universities:

Arizona Edinburgh
Baylor Florida State
Cambridge Princeton
City University of NY Princeton Theological Seminary
Drew Rice

Graduates of the program currently teach not only at confessional schools, but a variety of secular universities and colleges in America, as well as institutions of higher education abroad. Others have gone into teaching at high schools. Other students have entered into the publishing world, the creative writing and media field. A number of graduates serve in ministry with churches, mission agencies, charities, or para-church organizations.