M.A. in History of Christianity Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing the M.A. in History of Christianity program at Wheaton College, students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Students will learn to describe the historical development of the church from Early Christianity through Modern Christianity showing an awareness of characteristic practices, concerns, and events from each respective era as well as notable transitions for the broader history of Christianity.
  2. Offer insight into the ways in which contextual factors relate to the historical development of Christianity, namely: intellectual, social, political, economic, racial, gender, and cultural.
  3. Identify key figures of the History of Christianity and present their lives and thoughts with attention to their contextual significance in thought and action.
  4. Engage with historiography over interpretations relating to the history of Christianity and employ a sound method in the conducting of historical analysis.
  5. Demonstrate insight into how developing biblical interpretations and theological ideas shaped Christianity and related to the historical context.
  6. Demonstrate a critical approach in the analysis of primary source texts with attention to key terms, ideas, context, and the significance of the document for the History of Christianity.
  7. Develop an integrative outlook of faith and learning in their approach to the discipline of history.