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M.A. in Global Leadership

M.A. in Global Leadership

Why Pursue an M.A. in Global Leadership?

The Master of Arts in Global Leadership at Wheaton College will equip you as an academically grounded, spiritually maturing, and practically skilled leader who is able to lead in global marketplace and nonprofit organizations in culturally savvy ways for Christ and His Kingdom.

Credits to Degree
Flexible Learning

Why Study Global Leadership at Wheaton?

In our increasingly connected world, the need for Christian leaders in the global workforce is vital. Through an integration of Christian faith, scholarship, and praxis, the M.A. in Global Leadership will expand your influence as a Christian leader in your local setting.

  • Integration of leadership theory with practice: learn where you are already leading.
  • Emphasis on personal vocation and leadership as a part of Christian faith and mission
  • Holistic leadership focus: creating leaders who are able to develop themselves and diverse others
  • Global perspective on guiding organizational strategy and managing change

Many students work in their current business or ministry while completing the program part time. This way, students come to campus just three weeks a year and are able to immediately apply their learning in their current context while earning a Master's degree. Other students join the M.A. in Global Leadership through the Global Leadership Summit Cohort option.

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