M.A. in Leadership Curriculum


Requirements for the Leadership program leading to a Master of Arts degree consist of successfully completing of 36 credit hours.

Code Title Credit

MAL Foundation Courses (12 Credits)

LEAD 557 Foundation of Leadership 
LEAD 559 Organizational and Change Management
BITH/TSR Select an approved 4-credit BITH course (BITH 565, BITH 566, or BITH 576) 4

Core Courses (10 Credits)

MML 512 Leadership and Spiritual Formation 4
MML 503 Understanding Culture (Cultural Engagement)  2
MML 513 Theological Foundation of the missio Dei  4

Integration Courses (4 Credits)

LEAD 662 Leading Teams (Leading Multicultural Teams) 2
LEAD 652 Strategic Management 2

Electives Courses (10 Credits)

Students can select from the following list
LEAD 694  Leading Non-Profit Organizations 
LEAD 692 Financial & Legal Foundation of Organizations
LEAD 694  Leadership & Character 
LEAD 692  Entrepreneurial Marketing