Explore theological heritage and become a steward of Christian thought. Theology (M.A.)

The M.A. in Theology from Wheaton College Graduate School equips you with a theological education that is rooted in Scripture and engaged with the theological traditions of the global church in order to form students as faithful stewards of Christian thought for the church and academy today. You'll discover contemporary developments in Christian theology, while establishing a strong biblical, historical, evangelical, and global theological foundation.

Credential Type

  • M.A.

Major Credits Required

  • 44


  • 2-5 years, part or full-time


  • Hybrid, Residential

3 Concentrations

Explore ecclesial, historical, or systematic theology.

691 Graduate Students

Large enough to broaden your perspective. Small enough to feel connected. 

34 Average Age

Wheaton graduate students come from all over the country and at every stage in life. 

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Meet the Program Director and Professor of Theology and History of Christianity Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D.

I would love to connect with you! Email me at Jennifer.mcnutt@wheaton.edu to explore pursuing your M.A. in Theology.

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Why Wheaton for your M.A. in Theology? The Center of Christian Tradition

Biblical truth stands at the center of Christian tradition, and an M.A. in Theology puts Christ at the center of your personal and professional development.

We believe that studying theology equips students to be stewards of God's love and Christian thought in the academy, church, workplace, and community. You’ll deepen your understanding and appreciation of the global evangelical church and leave Wheaton prepared for service to society.

The M.A. in Theology’s Three Concentrations

Students pursuing the M.A. in Theology can cater their degree to their own interests in one of our three concentrations: ecclesial, historical, or systematic theology. If these concentrations don’t fit, a student can pursue the “general” concentration.

Explore the catalog to see the course offerings for each concentration.

Ecclesial Theology

The Ecclesial Theology concentration for the M.A. in Theology at Wheaton focuses on the thoughtful application of theological teaching for the benefit of the church. In the Ecclesial concentration, ministry-minded students are prepared to become theologically thoughtful church leaders. This concentration is offered in partnership with the Center for Pastor Theologians.

Historical Theology

The Historical Theology concentration for the M.A. in Theology at Wheaton focuses on the development of theological ideas and doctrines over time and in context. In the Historical concentration, students draw meaningful connections between various points in the history of Christian thought and articulate the doctrines of the Christian church in relation to the broader historical, social, and philosophical context.

Systematic Theology

The Systematic Theology concentration for the M.A. in Theology at Wheaton focuses on the development and application of particular theological ideas and doctrines and how they constitute and operate within broader theological systems. In the Systematic concentration, students draw meaningful connections between various points of doctrine in relation to scripture, church practice, and contemporary thought.

Our Curriculum

This graduate program engages both historical and contemporary developments in Christian theology with a strong biblical, historical, evangelical, and global foundation. Students can cater their degree to their own interests in one of our three concentrations: systematic, historical, or ecclesial theology.

Please see the graduate course catalog for current requirements as well as the most up-to-date course numbers, titles, and descriptions.

Sample Courses

While your specific coursework will depend on your chosen concentration, common core and elective options for M.A. in Theology students include:

  • Christian Theology
  • Global Church History
  • New Testament Theology
  • Old Testament Theology
  • World Religions
  • Seminars in Early Christianity, Medieval/Reformation/Early Modern, Enlightenment, and Modern
  • Seminars in Theological Doctrine or Theologians
  • MA Thesis or Independent Studies

Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies

The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies fosters systematic study in the fields of Patristics and early Christian literature by engaging in sustained teaching, research, and publication related to the early Church.

Our Faculty World-Renowned Professors

Our world-renowned professors will deepen your knowledge of theology in its connection to Scripture, philosophy, historical context, ecclesiology, and the Christian faith today. Our faculty members have expertise in a range of areas including theological anthropology, analytical theology, modern theology, and Reformation theology. Students may also take core classes or electives with other graduate faculty in Biblical Studies including Esau McCaulley, Amy Peeler, Danny Carroll, or Andrew Abernethy.

James M. Arcadi, Ph.D. Headshot

James M. Arcadi, Ph.D.

Guest Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Jeffrey W. Barbeau, Ph.D. Headshot

Jeffrey W. Barbeau, Ph.D.

Professor of Theology
Marc Cortez, Ph.D. Headshot

Marc Cortez, Ph.D.

Dean of the Litfin Divinity School, Professor of Theology, Director of M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies
George Kalantzis, Ph.D. Headshot

George Kalantzis, Ph.D.

Professor of Theology, Director of The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies
Timothy Larsen, Ph.D., D.D. Headshot

Timothy Larsen, Ph.D., D.D.

Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Christian Thought and Professor of History
Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D. Headshot

Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D.

Franklin S. Dyrness Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Professor of Theology and History of Christianity, Director of M.A. in History of Christianity, Director of M.A. in Theology
Daniel Treier, Ph.D. Headshot

Daniel Treier, Ph.D.

Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Theology Director of Ph.D. Program
Biblical and Theological Studies women enjoying a day out in Chicago

BTS Grad Women's Fellowship

The Biblical and Theological Studies (BTS) Grad Women’s Fellowship was started over a decade ago to provide a space for female graduate students in the department to meet together regularly throughout the year with female faculty, build relationships, provide support, and enjoy each other’s company. The group was started by Dr. Karen Jobes (Faculty Emerita) and is led today by Rev. Dr. Jennifer Powell McNutt and Rev. Dr. Amy Peeler. Food, fellowship, and prayer are the focus of our time together. If you are a female Bible and Theology student in an M.A. or Ph.D. program, please join us! Feel free to email bts.graduate.studies@wheaton.edu with any questions.

Success After Wheaton What Can You Do With a Master's in Theology?

Our M.A. of Theology graduates obtain the skills necessary for advanced study and service in the Church and society. They leaver prepared to transition effectively into the wider academic and ecclesial community. Many have gone on to careers in missions and missions administration, ministry, publishing, higher education, and more.

A master's in theology can lead to a range of roles in organizations like:

  • Churches
  • Colleges and universities
  • Junior colleges
  • Parachurch agencies
  • Religious organizations
  • Seminaries
  • Publishing houses


Many Theology M.A. continue on to doctoral programs right here at the Wheaton College Graduate School and at institutions such as:

  • Australian Catholic University
  • Baylor University
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Fordham University
  • Harvard University
  • Marquette University
  • New York University
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Trinity International University
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Oxford
  • Vanderbilt University
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Alumni Perspectives

A Theological Foundation

"My background in systematic theology and biblical theology really enables me to look for what God is doing in a person's life and to hear their theological questions—'Why am I suffering? Why am I in pain? Why is this happening to me?' and to be able to engage with my patients and answer them"

— Alyssa Foll '13

Alyssa Foll '13 says Wheaton College gave her the solid theological foundation she needs to work with others every day. After earning her M.A. in Theology, Alyssa served as staff chaplain for Adventist Midwest Health where she provided spiritual support and crisis intervention for culturally and religiously diverse populations. She is now a system manager for ministry formation for Ascension Health Illinois.

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