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From Across the World to Wheaton’s Doorstep

Wheaton welcomes students from all over the world and offers programs and support for international students to find their spiritual home and discover their God-given calling. On this page, you’ll learn what we believe, how to apply as an international student, the timeline for applicants and admissions decisions, and the support available for international students at Wheaton.

International Status

For Wheaton College admissions, an international student applicant is someone who does not hold U.S. citizenship or permanent residency. Applicants with dual citizenship (U.S. and another country) are encouraged to apply as U.S. citizens to access federal need-based aid through the FAFSA process. Join our vibrant international community of students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds across the globe.

Financial Support for International Students

At Wheaton College, all scholarships and grants are awarded without the need for a separate application (except for candidates invited to apply for the Aequitas Fellows Program). Your consideration for financial aid is automatic upon submitting your general application for admission to Wheaton College. The financial aid package you're offered will remain consistent for each year of enrollment, up to a maximum of four years. Beyond this timeframe, no additional aid will be provided during your tenure at Wheaton.

Programs Designed for You

Our International Student Programs Office (ISP) offers tailored services and initiatives to ensure that every student thrives academically, socially, and personally. Whether you’re adjusting to the U.S. educational system or culture, the ISP is here to support you every step of the way, fostering a sense of belonging on campus while providing opportunities for rigorous academic engagement. From immigration services to fostering cross-cultural connections through student organizations like Axis, MuKappa, and Ladder, we are dedicated to facilitating your journey at Wheaton College.

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What You'll Need To Apply

A completed Wheaton College international student application requires submission of the following items: 

  • Online Application 
  • English Proficiency Test Score (if applicable) 
  • SAT/ACT/CLT Test Score (optional except for homeschoolers) 
  • Faith Essay(s) 
  • High school transcript(s) 
  • World Education Services (WES)/SpanTran course-by-course evaluation for high school transcript (if applicable) 
  • Academic Recommendation 
  • Faith Recommendation (or Interview)
  • International Financial Verification Form and bank documents 

We encourage you to submit your application first, and then work on submitting the other materials listed above. You should also be aware of the admissions deadlines. If you have questions, please contact the international admissions counselor.

Apply as a First-Year International Student

We're Here for You Support for International Students

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International Student Programs

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International Student Groups

There are four international student groups that are part of the International Student Programs Office: Axis, MuKappa, Ladder and International Apartments. Learn More

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Writing Center

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Learning and Accessibility Services

LAS seeks to equip all students with the tools, strategies, and resources required to flourish during their time at Wheaton College (IL). More on LAS

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Student Care

We are here to come along side you as you navigate your holistic needs encompassing the emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and mental health concerns. More on Student Care

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