Homeschooled Applicants

Prospective student and parent doing a campus tour

Following God’s Path to Wheaton College

At Wheaton College, we embrace the uniqueness of each student’s educational journey, and our community has long been enriched by the presence of homeschooled students. We understand that every educational path is a personal and spiritual journey, and Wheaton feels like home to those seeking a meaningful and faith-driven next step in their academic pursuit.

How to Apply as a Homeschooled Student

Homeschooled students have been part of Wheaton College for years. Nearly 10% of Wheaton students have been homeschooled at some point during high school. Homeschooled students bring initiative, independent learning, and creative thinking to our campus community. We welcome applications from homeschooled students who have completed a rigorous college-preparatory program. 

Required Homeschooling Information

  • Applicants who have been homeschooled for any part of high school must submit a transcript signed by a homeschool official (often a parent). We provide a transcript template.
  • Standardized tests are required, but it is not necessary to include them on your transcript or directly from the test company.
  • Additionally, applicants should submit the Homeschool Information Form.

These forms can be emailed to or mailed to:

Wheaton College Undergraduate Admissions Office 
Melvin E. Banks Welcome Center
501 College Avenue
Wheaton, IL 60187

Application Procedures

In addition to these homeschooling forms, applicants should follow Wheaton’s application procedures.

Acker Academy Excellence in Home Education Scholarship

Wheaton College is privileged to have generous donors who provide Student Financial Services with money to assist students. The Acker Academy Excellence in Home Education Scholarship is made possible through such a donation and is intended for a freshman student who is a graduate of a home education program and actively participated in a community service project during high school. The scholarship is not renewable beyond the freshman year. One recipient is selected each year to receive a $1,500 award, although that amount may vary slightly from year to year.

In order to qualify, the recipient must:

  • Be a first-year student
  • Qualify for a Wheaton academic scholarship (Presidential)
  • Be a graduate of a long-term home education program
  • Provide a letter from a non-family member confirming active participation in a community service project during high school

Any questions about applying can be directed to

FAQs for Homeschooled Students


Do you have other questions or need clarification on a finer point in the application process? Want to talk with someone? We'd love to hear from you.