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Programs for Undergraduate Students at HoneyRock

HoneyRock Programs for College Credit

Take classes with HoneyRock to earn college credit. Tap on the photo below to learn more about the program.

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Wheaton Passage

Passage is the orientation program of Wheaton College, learn more about Wheaton's orientation program and how HoneyRock plays a key role in Passage! 

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Wheaton in the Northwoods

Every summer, HoneyRock offers a variety of courses that meet Christ at the Core and General Education requirements of Wheaton College.

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Chase Leadership Program

The Chase Leadership Program (previously "Leadership Certificate") seeks to equip exceptional Christ-following leaders for lifelong faithfulness, effectiveness, and growth. The Chase Leadership Program is open to all Wheaton College Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors of any major/specialty. 

Hear from Kaylee, a Chase Leadership Student

Learn to Lead by Leading

The following summer programs place special emphasis on making space for you to explore your unique leadership strengths. In turn, this enables you to discern your calling and maximize your college experience. Tap the photo to learn more!

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SLS - Summer Leadership School

After completing five weeks of team building and training, you will apply and refine your unique leadership style by guiding elementary, middle, or high school students through their own HoneyRock experience.

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SALT - School of Adventure Leadership Training

This three-month program equips you with the hard and soft skills necessary to be a professional in the field of adventure ministry. You will gain a strong foundation in the areas of wilderness leadership, adventure ministry, and faith formation.

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