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Photo Tour

HoneyRock Spaces

HoneyRock Norhwoods Campus of Wheaton College

The Beauty of the Northwoods

Before looking at anything else, here’s what you need to see–the beautiful Northwoods, backdrop to HoneyRock. From hundreds of wooded acres to 4,000 ft of lakefront access to green fields, HoneyRock offers plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors.

HoneyRock - Chrouser Lawn

Chrouser Front Lawn

The Chrouser Dining Hall overlooks the expansive Chrouser Lawn which gives way to Long Lake. Wooden decks for group gatherings border a grassy playing field for games of frisbee and bags. 

HoneyRock Classrooms


From smart screens to old school whiteboards, our classrooms serve student groups year-round.

HoneyRock Health Center

Health Center

The Health Center is one of our newest additions! Centrally located, the health center operates year-round.

HoneyRock - Chrouser Dining Hall

Chrouser Dining Hall

Let’s eat! The Chrouser Dining Hall can sit up to 300. The tables are big enough for a cabin group, but small enough for good conversation. 

HoneyRock Challenge Course

The Challenge Course

At this challenge-by-choice course you have over 12 fun - and safe! - activities that will stretch you and build your team. 

Young Living Spaces

Living Spaces - Campers

Our younger campers live in rustic (clean!) log cabins with fellow campers and cabin leaders. Think bunk beds, screened windows, and metal roofs to hear the rain – some with skylights!  

Graduate Housing at HoneyRock: Hirt House

Graduate Housing at HoneyRock: Loberg 201

Graduate Housing at HoneyRock: Loberg 202