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Summer Staff at HoneyRock

Work at HoneyRock this summer!

Incredible community, meaningful work, beautiful place. It's an unforgettable summer - the Northwoods of Wisconsin sets a beautiful stage for living in community and enjoying transformational learning. If you work at HoneyRock, you have a heart for others and a mind towards Christ. 

  Apply to Work on Summer Staff at HoneyRock


Work with Campers at HoneyRock

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Gain exposure in an experiential education setting
  • Practice co-teaching in Bible studies and activity areas
  • Create a growth plan based on human developmental theory
  • Design, teach and lead daily Bible studies throughout the camp session
  • Differentiate lesson plans to fit particular camper group needs
  • Develop an understanding of the differences in the developmental stages through intentional relationship building in a case study opportunity through daily cabin life with 3rd-8th or 9th graders
  • Receive feedback from supervisors on teaching methods and opportunities for further growth
  • This is a paid internship

High School Programs

There are three high school programs to choose from: 2:22, Voyageur and Catalyst. Read short descriptions of each program and then review the general role responsibilities.

SALT/2:22 & Voyageur Staff

The School of Adventure Leadership Training (SALT) provides advanced ministry training and leadership experience to college students. SALT serves two main areas: counseling high school students in 2:22 and leading Wheaton Passage. The primary focus of SALT is discipleship and modeling a heart of service. SALT students will engage today’s youth culture, serve those in need, be equipped with crisis training and plan Bible studies, all under the guidance of HoneyRock staff and Wheaton College professors.

SALT Trip Leaders also have the option to serve the Voyageur program as trip leaders. These 10th-12th grade Voyageur campers have the option to experience God’s creation on either a 19-day Voyageur program in the Boundary Waters or an 12-day backpacking and climbing program to Isle Royale. If you’re passionate about developing campers through the wilderness then Voyageur leaders may be the role for you.  

Catalyst Staff

Catalyst is our High School program for students in 11th-12th grade. The primary responsibility of Catalyst staff is the discipleship of our campers. The increased length of Catalyst allows for depth of relationships, space for big questions to be asked, and an emphasis on their personal, spiritual, and leadership development. Catalyst staff will eat, serve, live, pray, learn, grow, and be challenged alongside their campers. The close-knit community developed during our longest camper program has the potential to be a transformative experience for both campers and staff. We pray that every camper in Catalyst has a catalytic encounter with the Lord that serves as their launching off point in their faith and future calling. If you’re passionate about helping foster these spaces for development and transformation for our campers, then Catalyst staff may be the role for you. 

Roles, Responsibilities, and Opportunities

  • Work in cooperation with the Coordinator and Team Leader to plan and lead program elements.
  • Promote the safety, health, and spiritual/personal growth of a cabin of high school students for 4+ weeks.
  • Maintain personal health and energy to meet the demands of a 24/7 program.
  • Plan and lead program elements for small groups and cabins (morning devotions/Bible study/worship/fun events/group building) individually and as part of a team.
  • Facilitate the development of your small group, cabin, and large groups as safe, supportive, and healing communities.
  • Supervise camper free time. Be available and present.
  • Intentionally disciple campers through 1:1 meetings and daily life together.
  • Share your own story and life with your small group and cabin.
  • Partner with the Coordinator and Team Leader to address disciplinary issues.
  • Work alongside your campers in barn/kitchen/grounds/construction/ housekeeping/trip prep.
  • Lead off-camp projects in cooperation with community partners (kids camp/trail work/transitional housing/community garden/etc.)
  • Drive 15-passenger van to transport campers.
  • Maintain cabin cleanliness alongside your campers.
  • Engage in intentional times of prayer for campers, each other, and HoneyRock.
  • Work with the Holy Spirit to help campers & staff experience God’s love.

Skills and Requirements

1. Personal commitment to and relationship with Jesus. 
2. Previous ministry experience, preferably with high school students. 
3. First Aid/CPR training (available during staff training). 
4. Water Safety training (available during staff training). 
5. Driver’s License (preferred).

Activity Staff

Camp activities are a key part of the entire summer camp experience – it is a place where campers have fun, gain confidence, learn about success and failure, encourage one another, and learn new skills.  As an activity staff, you will have the chance to have a formative role in a young camper’s life.

Activity Staff is responsible for the equipment maintenance, area supervision, staff training, and camper instruction in HoneyRock’s activity areas. We hire staff to run the following areas: Archery, Riflery, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, Drama, Horsemanship, Wilderness Skills, Canoeing, Swimming, Waterskiing, Kayaking, and Lifeguarding. This staff serves all camper programs and guests of HoneyRock. Other parts of a day’s work include lifeguarding, equipment and area maintenance, managing campers and counselors, and assisting with other activities as needed.  

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Train assistant instructors
  • Develop several teaching curriculum plans for various age groups and skill levels
  • Provide age and skill level appropriate instruction
  • Differentiate lesson plans for different learning needs
  • Employ experiential education practices to activity area techniques
  • Teach and monitor safety protocol
  • Facilitate recreational experiences
  • Receive feedback from supervisors on teaching methods and opportunities for further growth
  • Practice group management techniques with small class sizes
  • Inspect and maintain equipment
  • Become certified as a professional rescuer through the American Red Cross Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR/AED course
  • Receive leadership and area-specific training
  • Possible certification opportunities, depending on activity area, include but are no limited to:
    • Wisconsin Boater Safety certification (available to all interns)
    • Swift Water Rescue Training (possibly ACA)
    • Top-rope climbing instruction (through Challenge Quest)
    • NRA Basic Rifle Course**
    • USA Archery Level 1 Instructor Certification**
    • WFA for wilderness skills position**
    • IMBA instructor certification program**

**These certifications are not currently offered but maybe in the future. They are options to be explored.

Skills and Requirements: 

  • Preferred Majors: Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Christian Education, Educational Studies, Religious Studies, and Children’s Ministry, Leisure Studies, Outdoor Leadership Ministries, Recreation and Sport Management, Christian Education, Applied Health Science, Elementary Education, Exercise Science, or Sport Management
  • Prior knowledge and skills training is recommended, but not required
  • Prior knowledge and skills training is recommended, but not required
  • Lifeguard certification required and provided on-site for all activity staff. Training is provided to orient staff to HoneyRock and the specifics of your area

Work in a Specialty Role at HoneyRock

The Information Technology Internship at HoneyRock provides experience in IT work through daily, ongoing tasks concurrent with strategic, large-scale projects. HoneyRock offers a unique IT experience by fully immersing interns in all aspects of IT management and not limiting you to narrow skillset.

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Coordinate the Help Desk to manage and troubleshoot user requests or issues.
  • Gain experience with wired & wireless networking
  • Learn server administration, management and file share organization.
  • Work with information systems, systems analysis, and firewall management
  • Practice web design and skinning
  • Be exposed to Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS, iOS environments
  • Study strategic-level IT project management and implementation
  • Organize and map of wired networks
  • Terminate and install low voltage wires
  • Gain experience in Customer Service
  • Visit Ministry Health Care, Cultivate Now, Northwoods Connect, Deneb Corporation, Kozar Technologies, and various Native American Reservations to see similar IT positions in the workplace

Skills and Requirements:

  • Applicable Academic Majors: Math, Computer Science, Computer Engineering
  • Looking for an individual with strengths in achieving goals, personal responsibility, and initiative
  • Needs strong problem-solving skills
  • Prior knowledge and skills training is recommended, but not required

This position is for an Office Receptionist who is willing to work in a ministry capacity as part of the HoneyRock Office Staff. They will work with the Office Assistant and perform basic office duties. This role is a seasonal (May-August) and full-time paid position. Typical hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Saturday 8:00  am to 12:00 pm.

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Perform basic office duties that serve the HoneyRock Community (Typically M-F 8-5pm and Sat 8-noon)
  • Answer the phone; retrieve voice mail, transfer calls and messages to the correct person
  • Prepare and sort all staff and camper mail
  • Respond and assist with parent, student/staff, cabin guest, and guest questions, concerns, and needs in person or via phone, e-mail or other correspondence
  • Assist with projects, filing, and other office duties as assigned

Skills and Requirements:

  • Computer and data entry skills. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel preferred.
  • Ability to work independently and accept supervision.
  • Skills in organization and customer relations.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.

The Retail Management Internship at HoneyRock provides hands-on management experience for students interested in business and hospitality management. Interns will help set and lead the retail strategy for HoneyRock’s camp store. HoneyRock’s summer camp programs host nearly 1,000 campers each summer. The camp store sells apparel, souvenirs, and snacks to all campers, students, and guests. Interns will have the freedom to be creative with a variety of responsibilities beyond simply operating the cash register. This internship is an opportunity to live and serve alongside the rest of HoneyRock’s Guest Services team.

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Learn the use of a point of sale system, inventory system, and camper registration program
  • Track, manage, and increase retail sales through merchandising, inventory management, display, and promotion
  • Manage a budget and report on expense tracking
  • Order merchandise and choose which items to sell
  • Design apparel for the store
  • Visit Three Lakes and Eagle River businesses for exposure to business practices

Skills and Requirements:

  • Applicable Academic Majors: Business, Retail Management
  • Applicants should be self-motivated, creative, friendly, organized, responsible, and have an eye for detail
  • Love for camp/outdoors and children
  • Prior knowledge and skills training is recommended, but not required

Reporting to the Marketing Coordinator at HoneyRock, the Photographer plays a key role in telling the story of HoneyRock through creative and professional images. The Photographer will be part of creating concepts that communicate the HoneyRock story. They will do so by taking and editing professional quality photos to be used in web and print marketing for HoneyRock year-round. They will also be responsible for image and media equipment management. This is a paid seasonal internship. 

Photographer’s General Responsibilities & Opportunities

  • Create a weekly photography/admin plan as it relates to camper programs and activity schedules, ensuring that a diverse representative sampling of photography is achieved; the weekly plan will be reviewed daily with Marketing Coordinator to make sure all goals are achieved.
  • Accountable for daily and weekly photography quotas (2,000-4,000 photos per week), 2-3 Instagram posts per week, and 1-2 blog stories a month
  • Collaborate with Marketing Coordinator to develop weekly blog story posts that include written word and photographs (HoneyRock’s long form storytelling platform can be found here:
  • Makes technical decisions in the field and while editing regarding elements such as appropriate lighting and camera angles; must be able receive regular feedback and follow explicit instructions regarding assignments.
  • Develop an editing plan and perform photography edits to produce a professional-looking product consistently.
  • Manage image library and fulfill multiple weekly photo uploads to the online photography library (Bunk1), must be able to manage and meet deadlines.
  • Collaborate on photography locations and subjects for marketing materials and web images.
  • HoneyRock provides all photography and media equipment and editing platforms for HoneyRock Media Team members.
  • Participate in HoneyRock’s summer staff community life and fulfill other duties as assigned.

Skills & Requirements

  • Preferred Majors: Photography, Graphic Design, Marketing/Advertising, Journalism/Communications, Studio Art, Art Education, or any art/digital media related degree
  • Ability and willingness to work on a small team and independently.
  • 1+ years’ experience with digital media and photography equipment, including lighting setups.
  • 1+ years’ experience with Adobe Creative Suite. Specifically, proficient knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop is necessary.
  • Must be experienced with Facebook and Instagram
  • Must have a complete online portfolio available for review before the beginning of the interview process; this portfolio will be requested when an interview is first requested by HoneyRock staff.
  • Referable experience in photography as it relates to a production environment (i.e., weddings, journalism, studio work, or previous summer camp/church work environments)

The Videographer Internship at HoneyRock seasonal, full-time paid position for those willing to work in a ministry capacity as part of the HoneyRock Specialty Staff.

Reporting to the Marketing Specialist in Wheaton, the Videographer is part of telling the story of HoneyRock through creative and professional videos. The Videographer will be part of creating video concepts, filming, editing, and producing professional-quality videos to be used in web and direct marketing for HoneyRock. They will also be responsible for image management and equipment, and part of the program staff at HoneyRock from staff training in May through Wheaton Passage in August. Training will occur on Wheaton’s campus for one week with the marketing and communications staff.

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Identify stories, writing creative briefs, scripts, and produce videos. All work must adhere to institutional brand guidelines for video style, logos, and any graphics created
  • Daily contact with the Marketing Specialist to review priorities for the day and output from the previous day
  • Meet with Market Specialist and HoneyRock leadership to outline goals for video projects; coordinate the schedule and plan for production, post-production, and delivery of the finished product
  • Test all equipment to determine the technical quality of recording, audio, and lighting apparatus prior to operation in the field
  • Prepare locations prior to shooting, conduct video shoots, film interviews and events using video camera equipment
  • Develop an editing plan, communicate with stakeholders, and perform edits to produce a professional-looking product
  • Complete all rendering, compressing, and processing of video files to ensure prompt delivery via Web or DVD, as well as updates to the video archive
  • Edit and assemble final visual/audio program material, ensuring consistency and relevancy to productions, monitor technical quality of end product
  • Other related responsibilities will be assigned as needed

Skills and Requirements:

  • Preferred Majors: Fine Arts, Communications, Advertising or Marketing
  • 1+ years experience with digital media and video production equipment, including lighting setups and various types of audio recording
  • 1+ experience with Adobe Creative Suite, knowledge of After Effects is preferred
  • Must be experienced with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media
  • Must have a complete online portfolio available for review prior to the beginning of the interview process

The Food Service Internship provides hands-on culinary management experience during HoneyRock’s Summer Camp, which draws over 2,000 campers and volunteers. Interns will serve hundreds of meals during the summer. The foodservice role is integral to creating a powerful guest and camper experience at HoneyRock. You will gain experience in menu building and planning, scheduling for staff and operations, inventory management, customer service, and systems building/implementation. If you choose a Capstone Internship, you will learn how to:

  • Serve guests who have special diets/food allergies with excellence
  • Build an inventory management and food ordering system from scratch
  • Menu planning/building: using market research, cost analysis and dietary guidelines, with emphasis on meeting guests needs, providing healthy meals and food options within budget.

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Learn budget management, menu building/planning, scheduling, inventory management, customer service, and systems building/implementation
  • Possible seminars led by professionals on topics such as inventory management, menu building, social media/marketing, special diets, sustainability, etc.
  • Receive ServSafe Certification

Skills and Requirements:

  • Applicable Academic Majors: Culinary, Business Management, Restaurant Management
    • These degrees are available many technical schools in Wisconsin and elsewhere.
  • Prior knowledge and skills training is recommended, but not required

Work in Operations at HoneyRock

The Construction Management Internship provides hands-on experience in construction while working at HoneyRock’s facility, which covers over 900 acres in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Ladder Safety Training
  • OSHA 10-Hour Training (online)
  • Hands-on experience within a variety of building trades, especially carpentry
  • Project Tracking management for a list of summer projects
  • Estimation of time and materials, perform takeoffs
  • Project Budget creation and management
  • Project Scheduling creation and management
  • Project Management via day-to-day oversight of in-house staff and outside contractors
  • Leadership and responsibility development
  • Visits to outside construction job sites

Skills and Requirements:

  • Preferred Majors Majors: Construction Management
    • If interested to lead construction projects in a missions context, a major in Christian Formation & Ministry (Wheaton College) or Christian Educational Ministries (Taylor University) would be appropriate
  • Prior knowledge and skills training is recommended, but not required

The Forestry/Land Management Internship at HoneyRock provides hands-on field experience managing the grounds of our 900 acres site in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The grounds include both developed areas and forestland containing trails, campsites, etc.

Role Responsibilities and Opportunities:

  • Primary responsibility will be with hazard tree management
  • Basic chainsaw safety certification
  • Exposure to advanced timber falling techniques
  • Equipment training with front-end loader/backhoe, skid steer and various attachments, industrial wood chipper, log splitters, commercial mowing equipment, etc
  • GPS and GIS applications may be used to support some fieldwork depending on the applicant’s experience
  • Interaction with local foresters and resource management professionals
  • Possible summer visits to USFS recreation sites, WIDNR Ranger Station in Rhinelander, and other local camps

Skills and Requirements:

  • Preferred Majors: Land Resource Management, Forest Management, Urban Forestry, Forest Recreation, Environmental Science
  • Prior knowledge and skills training is recommended, but not required

Under the direction of the Facilities Manager, this person will lead assigned painting and staining projects with high-school (Catalyst) campers, whom they will train, supervise, and mentor during the workday. This role is a seasonal (May-August), full-time paid position.

Role Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Completing painting and staining assignments in a safe, efficient, and quality manner, as instructed by the Facilities Manager
  • Ensuring quality workmanship and efficient workflow
  • Maintaining tools and equipment and keep all construction areas safe, organized, and clean.
  • Training, mentoring, and managing Catalyst campers and volunteers according to the best practices and skills outlined by the Facilities Manager.
  • Setting up ladders, scaffolding, and/or lifts in a safe manner
  • Preparing surfaces by sanding, scraping, and/or washing
  • Priming/painting/staining surfaces as required; caulk, touch-up, and clean-up job site
  • Contributing help to other needs within the Site and Facilities Department as assigned. 

Skills and Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in College.
  • Must be self-motivated and self-directed.
  • Excellent attitude, teach-ability, and strong work ethic.
  • Painting skills (1-2 years preferred).
  • Detail-oriented while also attentive to efficiency.
  • Experience in training and leading others helpful.
  • Unrestricted driver’s license and clean driving record.
  • Ability to lift at least 50lbs.

This position is for a Maintenance Specialist who is willing to work in a ministry capacity as part of the HoneyRock Site and Facilities team. This person will work with Transportation & Program Maintenance Supervisor to care for the vehicles, machines, and program equipment of HoneyRock. This role is a seasonal (May-August), full-time paid position.

Role Responsibilities and Duties: 


  • Responsible to Transportation & Program Equipment Supervisor to manage daily tasks and resources related to vehicle care and program maintenance.
  • Responsible to supervise and work alongside the Catalyst work crew assigned to them for the 7 weeks of the summer camper program.
  • Responsible to actively engage in the life of HoneyRock beyond the daily tasks assigned to them.
  • Perform regular maintenance tasks such as but not limited to mileage tracking, vehicle service & cleaning, heavy machinery greasing, small engine maintenance, and general stewardship of auto shop facilities, etc.
  • Assist in program maintenance needs including but not limited to challenge course maintenance/repair/construction, watercraft & canoe repair, activity area maintenance and support, etc.
  • Town runs. Driving a college owned vehicle to pick up supplies from Eagle River, Three Lakes, or other neighboring towns to assist all areas of camp.
  • Program luggage coordination. Oversee operations of arrival & departure day luggage logistics including assigning staff support, coordinating truck use, and participating in carrying out all arrival/departure/family day needs.
  • Assist in maintenance and project needs in our equestrian area. This includes assisting in the receiving of HoneyRock’s hay for the entire year. 
  • Assist grounds crew. Lawn and landscape care particularly around operations complex. You may be asked to assist grounds crew in other areas of camp as needs arise.
  • Support camper programs by assisting with trailer driving or other logistic needs.

Skills and Requirements: 


  • Currently enrolled in College.
  • Must be self-motivated and self-directed.
  • Excellent attitude, teach-ability, and strong work ethic.
  • Some mechanic/maintenance experience helpful but not required.
  • Ability to lift at least 50lbs.
  • Good interpersonal skills; team player.
  • Experience in training and leading others helpful.
  • Must possess a valid drivers license for at least 3 years.


staff working with professional staff at honeyrock

Make it an internship.

All of these roles can fulfill college internship requirements.

Explore HoneyRock Internships

Make Your Summer Job at HoneyRock an Internship!

Internships are available for a wide variety of majors. Let us work with you and your college or university to ensure that your internship requirements are met. 

By making your summer job an internship at a place like HoneyRock, you will

  • Gain real-world hands-on experience 
  • Develop marketable skills in a variety of professional fields 
  • Explore potential career options 
  • Grow in personal and relational competencies desired by employers 
  • Deepen your relationship with Christ through an authentic community and experiences in creation.

We offer two types of internships: Exploratory and Capstone.

Consider an Exploratory Internship... if you want to take your education and apply it in real-world situations. In an exploratory internship, you begin to evaluate how well your skills and interests align to your chosen field. 

Consider a Capstone Internship... if you want to build expertise in your chosen field. You begin building significant experience that will translate into strong resume differentiators, preparing you for work or ministry after graduation.

Hear from an IT Intern

Wheaton College sophomore Christiana Hannam, a Computer Science major, spent her summer serving as the IT intern at HoneyRock. She gained practical experience in her field while enjoying the rhythms of camp life.

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