Technology Governance

Technology Governance

The technology governance structure at Wheaton College establishes the strategic, operational, and technical decision-making process necessary to ensure innovative, reliable, and robust technology solutions.

Technology governance provides strategic leadership, establishes campus-wide technology priorities and policies in accordance with the college’s strategic plans and is accountable to the college.

The primary goals of the Technology Governance effort are

  • To align Academic and Institutional Technology’s (AIT) direction with the College Strategic Plan and the business priorities;
  • To create a snapshot of technology systems and services on campus that is efficient, meaningful, and innovative; and
  • To share awareness of the decision-making process that determines where technology resources are applied.

These goals are accomplished by

  • Fostering dynamic and direct partnership between AIT and its surrounding community;
  • Ensuring comprehensive and integrated technology oversight; and
  • Providing oversight led by members of the college community who are responsible for, and directly accountable to, their respective parts of the institution.

Governance Committees