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Daniel Claxton ’14, #30under30

200x350 portrait photo Daniel Claxton

Daniel Claxton ’14

Teacher of U.S. History, Government & Economics and College Advisor
Okinawa Christian School International
Wheaton Major in History and International Relations
Currently lives in Okinawa, Japan

"I have the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with my students, which I hope can spark curiosity and broaden their minds."

Few people can say they’ve gone to school in Wheaton, Tokyo, Beijing, and Seoul, but Daniel Claxton ’14 can.

After graduating from Wheaton College in 2014, Claxton completed a joint master’s program in East Asian International Relations at three universities: the University of Tokyo, Peking University, and Seoul National University.

Today, Claxton teaches U.S. history, government and economics to high school students at Okinawa Christian School International, where he also works as a college advisor. He views both his liberal arts perspective and his experiences traveling in East Asia as assets in his work.

“As a high school teacher, I have the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with the students, which I hope can spark curiosity and broaden their minds,” Claxton says.

Claxton says his Wheaton professors influenced his decision to become an educator.

“The most memorable moments during my time at Wheaton were the conversations and genuine interactions that I had with my professors,” Claxton says. “Not only did I enjoy learning from them, but I also appreciated conversations about my vocation and my personal walk with God. Watching my professors live in faith sparked a desire in me to become a teacher who shares his faith through education.”

Wheaton professors and friends, including his future wife Lindi Megumi Claxton ’17, were also instrumental in his decision to pursue further education in East Asian International Relations.

“Professors, peers, time spent in the Office of Multicultural Development and various lectures from guest lecturers on campus all encouraged me to pursue higher education in East Asian International Relations,” he says.

Completing his coursework at Wheaton, he also chose to take classes outside of his major and to connect with students from other disciplines. “Wheaton’s liberal arts framework not only created a desire to understand beyond my required field, but also helped me appreciate and understand the interconnectivity of all fields,” Claxton says.

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